Why Do New Jersey Sportsbooks Ask You For Your Social Security Number?

Why Do New Jersey Sportsbooks Ask You For Your Social Security Number?

If you've ever registered for an online casino in New Jersey then you are used to being asked for your legal name, home address, telephone number and things of that nature without missing a beat. The same information is requested by New Jersey online sportsbooks when you're signing up. But when you're asked for your Social Security number, whether it's all nine digits or the last four numbers, you may give pause. If so, you're not alone; in fact, according to Borgata's CEO Tom Ballance, it's the "biggest drop-off point in the registration process", meaning it gives some people such pause that they abandon the registration process entirely.

Let's go over the reasons why online sports betting apps in the Garden State like FanDuel Sportsbook and DraftKings Sportsbook require it, including:

  • Why is it a requirement?
  • What does it allow sports betting sites to do with the information?
  • Why should I not be concerned about sharing it?

Why Do Sportsbooks In New Jersey Need My Social Security Number?

So why do NJ sports betting sites need this information? Simply put, it's part of the rules and regulations of financial institutions, of which casinos and sportsbooks are considered and overseen as financial institutions. So they have to abide by the Bank Secrecy Act and the Patriot Act. The New Jersey Division Of Gaming Enforcement exists to protect the public from any criminal influence, doing what it takes to hold New Jersey's sportsbooks to a high standard to keep the industry legitimate.

Online sports betting sites are subject to the same money laundering laws as banks are in the United States, and have to make sure to have a record of every player's name, address, and Social Security number in the event of questionable money laundering tactics. It's not only for the protection of the online sportsbook, but it's for your protection as well.

Is It Safe For Me To Give NJ Online Sportsbooks My Social Security Number?

Since it's been called the "biggest drop-off point in the registration process", you can easily tell that people are hesitant to share their SSN with, well, anyone. It's one of the most protected pieces of information one can have, especially since every scam, hack, or breach mentioned in the news usually centers around your Social Security number.

When it comes to sports betting sites, some players may think that no matter how well known the brand is, no matter how much they'd stand to lose if they did anything with their SSN, that the sportsbook would compromise their information.

As mentioned before, sports betting sites in New Jersey are subject to the same standards as any financial institution would be in the United States. Not only that, the extra step of having third parties who run the player verifications licensed and vetted by the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement allows NJ sportsbooks to go one step further in the process of protecting its players and their personal information.

Why Do Some NJ Sports Betting Sites Ask For Nine Digits, While Others Request Four?

Something that also gives prospective players pause when their Social Security number is requested during registration is if they're asked for their full nine-digit SSN instead of just the last four digits. What isn't realized is, whether you're asked to supply four or nine digits, you're still being matched to a database along with your other supplied personal information. So no matter how many digits you supply, if it couldn't match your information in the database, you wouldn't be allowed access to the site anyway. So it's no less safe to give a full nine digits than it would be to give four.

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