PointsBet Gives Back With Good Karma Payouts, Adds NJ Sports Betting Partners

PointsBet Gives Back With Good Karma Payouts, Adds NJ Sports Betting Partners

With each move it makes, it’s more and more obvious that PointsBet Sportsbook wants to make its NJ online sports betting players happy and give them the advantage in every situation manageable. Sometimes it’s a signup bonus with a PointsBet promo code or odds boosters for various sports or cardholder services. No matter the method, PointsBet NJ is instilling loyalty by showing players that the sportsbook is about its players.

The latest promotions and amenities from PointsBet Sportsbook are no different, with Good Karma Payouts and the reloadable PointsBet Card being the latest addition to a litany of useful luxuries offered by the sportsbook.

PoinsBet Issues Good Karma Payout To NCAA Basketball Betting Players

PointsBet Sportsbook continuously proves that it is a player-friendly service that has the backs of its bettors.

As a result of unlikely circumstances in the Duke-North Carolina NCAA basketball game on Wednesday evening, the PointsBet Sportsbook app instituted a Good Karma Payout.

The payout refunds all bettors who placed money like and spread wagers on Duke after one of the top teams in the nation lost its best player just 33 second into an eventual 88-72 loss. NJ sports bettors who backed Duke are receiving refunds in the form of PointsBet bonus bets to be used on participating contests anywhere on the site.

Good Karma Payouts were previously issued to backers of the New Orleans Saints after an unfortunate officiating controversy cast a dark cloud over the NFC Championship Game in January’s NFL playoffs.

PointsBet Partners With TopGolf To Promote NJ Sports Betting

Sports entertainment powerhouse TopGolf is taking advantage of NJ online sports betting growth and getting in on the action in a brand new partnership with up-and-coming sportsbook PointsBet NJ. TopGolf, which features upscale driving ranges outfitted with sports bars, dining services, arcades and even concerts, will see some changes at both of its NJ locations in Edison and Mt. Laurel.

The company will be expanding and rebranding at those locations with PointsBet logos, more televisions and screens that display NJ sports betting odds. Special offers are expected to be available to TopGolf customers through PointsBet Sportsbook as well. Although TopGolf will not take sports bets at either location, that service isn’t entirely necessary due the easy-to-use PointsBet Sportsbook app.

This deal will undoubtedly boost TopGolf’s reputation as a sports betting-friendly environment and reinforce the locations as place where NJ sports betting players can view the big game in addition to hitting golf balls and enjoying a few beverages. For PointsBet Sportsbook, the additional advertising at two of New Jersey’s busiest sports entertainment venues can only mean more growth and notoriety

PointsBet Sportsbook Partners With EML To Create Payment Card

PointsBet Sportsbook now has its own official payments card thanks to a partnership deal between the NJ sportsbook and financial tech giant EML. The PointsBet Card is set to make the game experience easier than ever before for customers.

EML creates secure payment solutions to help connect brands and their customers. The combination of EML and PointsBet means players receive a reloadable payments card that easily allows for deposits and payouts in real time. Cardholders can seamlessly move money back and forth between their account and the card, as well as use funds in-store, in-app or online. The PointsBet card can also be used at ATM machines just like a debit card.

The partnership is an example of PointsBet attempting to integrate the best method possible to keep NJ sports betting players happy and make things as simple and easy-to-use as possible. EML now manages 11 reloadable prepaid card programs across several continents including Australia, Europe and the US.

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