PointsBet: What Is PointsBetting? (Complete Guide)

PointsBet: What Is PointsBetting? (Complete Guide)

PointsBet Sportsbook is bringing a new way to enjoy NJ sports betting, as PointsBet NJ’s PointsBetting, sometimes also called "Points Betting," is a feature that determines how much you win, rather than relying strictly on the odds.

PointsBetting is a new way to bet, and it's about to sweep over the New Jersey sports betting market. Why is that? Well, let's dive a bit deeper into the process and see why sports bettors in NJ will soon flock to the PointsBet app.

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What Makes PointsBetting Different From Other Sports Bets?

PointsBet online sports betting offers many of the standard ways to bet, including fixed odds, parlays, exotic bets, prop bets and more. But the one major type of online sports betting that is becoming more popular is PointsBetting, which you may have also heard as spread betting.

PointsBetting allows you to place a wager on a series of points or units, with the chance to win BIG. How so? Well, depending on what you're betting on, if your bet wins by one point over the threshold, you win 1x what you bet. So if you bet $10, you win $10 back. This is where it gets interesting though: if you win by two, three, four points (or units,) you win 2x, 3x, 4x and even more!

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PointsBetting Winnings Add Up Fast

Let's see an example of how you can win with PointsBet NJ Sportsbook, which had a “soft launch” on Dec. 11 for online sports betting through the PointsBet app. We'll use betting on the NBA as an example. Say you place a wager of $10 that a classic Knicks vs. Celtics game will have over 200 total points scored. If they score a total of 201 points, you win $10 just like that. However if you're fortunate enough that they go off and hit 220 total, you win 20 TIMES your wager. $220, just like that!

How about an NFL example? A good ol' Steelers vs. Patriots matchup may have the Patriots at a -3, so you slap $20 on that bet. They win by six? You just won $60. They win by 10? You just pocketed $140. How about if Tom Brady gets in the groove and picks apart the Steelers' D, as they win by two touchdowns? $280 goes right back to you!

But be careful how you place your wagers, because the flip side could happen and you can lose big as well. We'll use the same examples to show this. You bet $10 on 200 points but the game finishes with a total of 190? You'll lose $100. Steelers wind up beating the Patriots by five? You could be down $160. So while there is a lot of money to be made with PointsBetting, you have to be cunning and crafty with what you bet over and under, to keep winning at this version of sports betting.

PointsBet PointsBetting Offers Variety

Betting on spreads and total points are pretty common for a lot of sports betting in the US, but PointsBet NJ goes even deeper with how you can place wagers. A prime example is how you can bet on individual statistics during the game. You could place a wager on a quarterback's total passing yardage and watch your money add up quick. If the threshold is 240 passing yards and you place a $10 wager for the over, you could pocket $100 if they hit 250 yards, and $10 for every yard more! Or if you bet the under and they only get 200, you just scored $400 thanks to the QB not performing as expected.

Some of the ways you can bet on sports with PointsBet USA are:

  • Quarterback completion percentage
  • Player rushing yards/receiving yards
  • Longest field goal
  • First touchdown scored in a certain amount of time
  • Total points/assists/rebounds
  • Time of the first basket scored
  • Time of players to pass scoring thresholds (5, 10, 15, 20 points)

You can easily see there are MANY ways to explore PointsBetting with PointsBet NJ, so check out all the fun and exciting wagers they have to offer.

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