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PointsBet Sportsbook may be one of the new additions to the United States sports betting landscape, but it has encountered very little trouble making an impact to this point.

PointsBet first launched in its native Australia in 2017 before quickly establishing itself as an industry powerhouse and taking aim at the American market. Eventually, it went live as part of New Jersey sports betting expansion in January 2019 following a “soft launch” in December 2018 and has cultivated a strong reputation in the months since. This dynamic, player-friendly platform has quickly risen to a level of popularity only powerhouses like FanDuel and DraftKings have enjoyed to this point.

Part of the reason for its exponential growth is its individuality, namely the offering of its trademark PointsBetting feature.

What Is PointsBetting?

PointsBetting is a high-risk, high-reward wager that was created, introduced and implemented by PointsBet to incredible results. With conventional bet types, players know exactly how much they are risking and potentially winning before the wager commences. PointsBet, however, differs because the amount you win or lose on the bet isn’t known until the very end of the game, guaranteeing the excitement through the final buzzer that can sometimes get lost due to a game’s outcome being all but decided before the end of the contest.

PointsBetting allows players to rack up large payouts for small investments, with winnings and losses being determined by a combination of the original investment and just how correct or incorrect the original wager is.

How PointsBetting Works

PointsBetting takes conventional sports wagering and adds an additional layer of excitement to games because the outcome of the bet isn’t fully decided until the very end of the game, regardless of the score. This new and innovative way to wager offers bettors a higher payout if their bet is correct by a wide margin, but punishes players for being way off with predictions as well. Simply put, your original investment is multiplied by the number of points your wager wins or loses by in order to determine the final result of the bet. Below is an example from the PointsBet NJ website that shows us just how this feature works:

PointsBetting NFL Example

This is a $10 NFL handicapping wager on Tom Brady to throw for over 250 yards. A traditional bet on this prop market would come with it a price such as -110, meaning the wagers risks $11 to win $10. Whether Brady throws for 251 yards or 300 yards, the wager cashes in for $10, while a loss only costs the bettor $11 whether Brady falls a yard below the total or 100 yards below. With PointsBetting, the risk and possible payout of this bet are actually completely up in the air, and just how right or wrong you are matters more than ever before.

If Brady throws for 290 yards as our example suggests, that is 40 yards over the total. Since payouts are determined by multiplying the range of victory/defeat by the original wager, this becomes a $400 win for a $10 bet. On the flipside, Brady throwing for 210 yards (40 below the total) would equal a $400 loss.

BonusSeeker was lucky enough to speak about its advantages with the one-and-only ‘PointsBet Wizard’, the very popular all-knowing head of trading for PointsBet. Nobody on the trading room floor has more knowledge when it comes to the site’s gambling information than the Wizard, and his insight leaves no doubt as to why PointsBet is continuously growing into one of the biggest names in U.S. sports gambling.

Advantages To PointsBetting

PointsBetting is one of the defining characteristics that separate PointsBet from other New Jersey sports betting operators. It helps make the site far more than a traditional sports gambling platform, offering a wide range of completely unique markets to fit this completely unique feature.

It’s Exclusive To PointsBet

PointsBetting allows players to take part in an exclusive betting experience and make huge profits while doing it, which is always attractive to bettors. “If you like PointsBetting and the engaging, ‘watch sport until the end’ style of betting – you can ONLY do this at PointsBet Sportsbook,” the Wizard specified. The feature guarantees the game to be interesting until the final whistle thanks to its structure, which just isn’t the case when betting spreads, totals or props on other platforms.

Enhances The Betting Experience

Winning big without having to bet big on markets you feel confident in is a dream for bettors and PointsBet knows that. “Most of our bettors that use the PointsBetting product love the fact that they can reap major returns by playing to the strengths of their own specific areas of sports knowledge and analysis,” the Wizard said. PointsBetting enhances the overall experience by offering the potential of huge payouts on low-risk wagers and by applying to such a wide range of markets so bettors of all kinds can easily find a category that suits their strengths. As the Wizard noted, “It is great to have this competitive advantage and be able to provide a different and more exciting betting experience to our customers.” That advantage can be very real when we are talking about lines that professional bettors and the public haven’t had time to pour over.

Rare Wagering Markets Available

The structure of PointsBetting gives players the opportunity to wager on any number of markets, so long as it has room for an over-under calculation to be applied. The Wizard explained:

“The nature of the product not requiring odds and simply an under/over figure allows for much more flexibility and the capability to create bet types that have never been seen before worldwide.”

PointsBet Sportsbook also allows its employees and players to offer up ideas for new wagering categories, providing a virtual suggestion box for anybody with an opinion. “The team is constantly looking to concept and price innovative markets. The ideas can come from anywhere. Many come from inter-company suggestions,” said the Wizard. “But oftentimes through our loyal customer base and our unique ‘Name A Bet’ initiative.” Below are some of the more interesting (many exclusive) markets that have appeared on PointsBet:

PointsBetting NBA Markets

  • How Long In Minutes Until First 3pt Field Goal Attempt?
  • Team Field Goal Percentage For Game
  • Combined Player Points Duos and Trios
  • Player Points x Rebounds x Assists

PointsBetting NFL Markets

  • QB Completion Percentage/RB Rushing Yards/WR Receptions and Receiving Yards
  • Pittsburgh Steelers Sacks In A Game
  • First TD/Scoring Play In Minutes And Seconds

PointsBetting MLB Markets

  • Team Runs To Hits Percentage
  • Hits Plus Errors For Game
  • Earned Runs Allowed By Pitcher

PointsBetting Should Grow In The Future

PointsBetting has helped the company as a whole achieve pretty lofty heights in just a few short months, cultivating a bit of a fan base with its originality. According to the Wizard, recent surveys show that the hallmark feature of the site is among the top five reasons they love PointsBet Sportsbook. He also feels this will continue as more people become aware of this new type of sports betting and that it will take off even more. “We do have a high amount of loyal month-to-month PointsBetting customers…as market education grows and people become more comfortable trying new bet-types, we expect to see many more PointsBetting customers.”

Plenty of bettors are still hesitant about the unknown and prefer to stick with traditional types of wagering. While PointsBet has those markets covered as well, the completely singular nature of PointsBetting is quite alluring for those who become well-versed in the feature. There’s little doubt it will continue being a key to the overall success of the platform as it continues making inroads in New Jersey and other states in the U.S.

For more, watch this PointsBetting video:

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