PointsBet Promotion Pays Refunds After Luck Retires

PointsBet Promotion Pays Refunds After Luck Retires

Every now and again, the betting landscape is rocked by some unpredictable happening in the sports world. Previously-made bets can be negatively affected by these types of events, and oftentimes there's nothing gamblers can do when something beyond anyone's control takes place and messes with their money.

There's one site in the New Jersey online sports betting market with an ever-growing reputation for compensating its players with refunds when bad luck finds them unexpectedly, and that's PointsBet NJ.

PointsBet Good Karma Payout: Luck Retires As NFL Week 1 Schedule Nears

Colts quarterback Andrew Luck shocked the football-watching public with his retirement announcement after battling a series of injuries over the past several seasons. When the news came down suddenly, PointsBet NJ was quick to act with one of its patented Good Karma Payouts, which refunds players and reminds us all that the site continues to put its players first in times of massive misfortune.

Andrew Luck PointsBetGet Your Good Karma Refund

Decisions like these are made by the PointsBet Karma Kommittee, which regularly reviews unpredictable events to decide to refund players who place wagers under different circumstances than the ones that currently apply. Luck's sudden retirement from football certainly fits the bill, and the decision doesn't sound like it was a difficult one to make.

"At PointsBet, we prove our bettor-first mentality in providing clients with the best possible experience, regardless of circumstance. An MVP-caliber quarterback retiring at age 29 just a week before the NFL regular season kicks off is certainly an unusual circumstance and one that nobody could've seen coming. We felt it necessary for the Karma Kommittee to step in and provide full refunds following such an unpredictable turn of events," noted PointsBet.

Unlike some of the past refunds offered to players who do their sports betting at PointsBet, Luck deciding to retire right before the season means that payouts are going to more than just gamblers who took a single game. The effect a quarterback has on an NFL football team is enormous and up until the day of his announcement, it was expected Luck would be ready to start the season. After all, Indianapolis was favored in the AFC South and one of the betting favorites to win both the conference and the Super Bowl before the retirement. With a wide range of preseason betting markets available before the NFL Week 1 schedule kicks off, the Colts have been a popular pick in multiple categories and the PointsBet Karma Kommittee responded in kind by extending its payout to several wager types.

"Given the impact that the quarterback position has on an entire franchise, we thought it made sense to provide full refunds for multiple markets, including Andrew Luck to win MVP, as well as the Colts to win the AFC and/or Super Bowl."

PointsBet Puts Player-First Mentality Into Practice With Good Karma Payouts

We've seen situations like these multiple times over the past year, whether it's a bad call virtually costing the Saints a trip to the Super Bowl late in the game or Zion Williamson exiting with an injury in the opening minute versus North Carolina. This time, it's a player with a Hall of Fame trajectory retiring young just two weeks before the 2019 NFL season is set to begin.

The three above situations have two things in common. First, unforeseen events drastically changed the potential outcome of wagers placed on the players or teams involved. Secondly, all three instances were used as the impetus for refunds paid by PointsBet following rulings from its Karma Kommittee. One of the reasons why PointsBet is quickly climbing the ranks of the best sports betting sites in New Jersey is because of its player-friendly platform and these payouts are just the most recent example.

Get Two Risk-Free Bets With PointsBet Promo Code

The platform already provides a generous welcome offer of two risk-free bets up to $1,000 using a PointsBet promo code, which can be found here at BonusSeeker. No other sports betting site in the Garden State does quite so far, separating the site from its peers at the very start.

In addition, the site offers completely unique and exclusive way to wager with PointsBetting, making high risks and high rewards the name of the game and opening up chances to win big bucks with a small investment. Throw in a never-ending stream of advantageous PointsBet promotion options like Good Karma Payouts and it's easy to see why PointsBet is one of the fastest-growing brands in the sports betting market.

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