Resorts Casino Plans Its Own Online Sportsbook

Resorts Casino Plans Its Own Online Sportsbook

New sportbooks in New Jersey are nothing new. Since the fall of PASPA it almost feels as if it’s a natural part of the week for a brand new sportsbook to be launched by one of the NJ online casinos. But let’s not get carried away, sports betting in the Garden State is barely two months old. And the latest sports book in the state is a little different – it holds historical significance.

A Well known casino player, Mike Sylvester, placed the first legal bet on the New York Giants to win the Super Bowl at odds of 40:1, at Atlantic City’s newest sportsbook - Resorts Casino’s Resorts Casino Sportsbook.

Like many of the other sportsbooks, Resorts Casino has launched with a temporary set up in order to not miss out on the hype while the permanent version of the Resorts Casino Sportsbook is completed. But according to Ed Andrewes, Resorts Casino consultant and head of Resorts Casino Sportsbook, you would never guess that it is a temporary set up, with it look more like the finished product and far superior to any of the other temporary sportsbooks in New Jersey.

“The sports lounge looks great - a cool, modern, more interactive zone. It’s translated very well into a sportsbook. Even though it’s a temporary solution, it’s got more of a permanent feel than a lot of the temporary solutions at some of the other properties.”

Ed Andrewes - Head of Resorts Casino Sportsbook


Resorts Casino Sportsbook – Your One Stop Gaming Spot

President of Resorts Casino and therefore of Resorts Casino Sportsbook too, Mark Giannantonio, was on hand to perform the ceremonial cutting of the ribbon a few minutes after 11 am, marking the official opening Resorts Casino Sportsbook in front of a large crowd of excited players.

The new permanent-looking temporary sportsbook center takes over from Resort Casino’s iGaming Lounge. Ed Andrewes offered that the previous lounge was more than just a place where the public could place a bet. He suggested that the iGaming Lounge actually educated the patrons and introduced them to the concept of online gambling. The new sportsbook, in both its temporary and permanent guise, will continue the education job by introducing those same players on sports betting as the legalized form of betting spreads across the continent.

Ed Andrewes also let us in on the fact that Resort Casino’s permanent sportsbook will actually be located on the same property an that the public should expect its doors to open before the start of the new year. And once the Resorts Casino Sportsbook is up and running, the temporary sportsbook will then become the new iGaming Lounge will be open 7 days a week and operate from 10 am to 2 am.


It’s very big for Resorts. But it’s also big for all the casinos in Atlantic City, really, and for the US as a whole. I was in Europe and specifically the UK betting market. … This kind of makes total sense for the industry and the government and the regulators. Everyone knew (sports betting) was going on. Now it can be taxed and properly regulated. It’s a great product offering for everything. In a well-regulated, free environment, you’re going to see the product develop very quickly and give the consumer a much better experience, having the protection and the type of product that will be delivered.

Ed Andrewes - Head of Resorts Casino Sportsbook


Another Chapter To Be Added To The Sportsbook

According to the talkative Ed Andrewes, Resorts Casino have been planning and prepping for the launch day of Resorts Casino Sportsbook for ages. In fact, plans started once the Supreme Court had made their rule on the legitimacy of sports betting in America.


“We were taking things as far as we could until PASPA was finally overturned by the Supreme Court. Since that day we’ve really been working as fast as we could to get it up and running.”

Ed Andrewes - Head of Resorts Casino Sportsbook


Once the Supreme Court repealed Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) in May, a meeting was held and soon after, an announcement was made that Resorts Casino would partner with the Daily Fantasy Sports Titan DraftKings in offering New Jersey residents regulated and legalized sports betting through Resorts Casino Sportsbook.

Almost a month to the day, Resorts Casino had another announce big announcement to make regarding NJ sports betting – Resort Casino would work together SB Tech to create “a “sportsbook solution across on-property, online and mobile channels.”

At the launch of the mobile sports betting app from DraftKings Sportsbook Andrews informed us “it was kind of always planned” that the DraftKings would reach the public before Resorts Casino Sportsbook. This does seem obvious once you realize that as the major player in DFS, DraftKings would make use of their own in-house tech that they had created and perfected over years, ensuring that everything would work perfectly from day 1.

In terms of the online sportsbook, we should expect it to arrive fully-formed just before the start of October.

“That’s a big project for us,” he said. “But it’s an exciting one. We think sports (betting) was going to flourish both on the property, which offers a different and social experience, and mobile and online as well because that allows the consumer to bet and watch it at home or at the sports bar they use to quench.”

Ed Andrewes - Head of Resorts Casino Sportsbook


Golden Nugget Launch Another Basket For Their Golden Eggs

90 minutes before Giannantonio was chauffeured the site across town to perform his ribbon-cutting duties; the Golden Nugget launched their very own sportsbook.

With a bet mirroring that of Mike Sylvester, Neil Calise of Staten Island also placed a 40:1, bet at what will be known as The Sportsbook, on the New York Giants to win the upcoming Super Bowl. And much like Resorts Casino Sportsbook, The Sportsbook will also open in a temporary area. It will be located in the old poker room at the Golden Nugget Casino with the permanent sportsbook opening nearby and before month end.

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