SugarHouse to Offer Integrated Mobile sportsbook and online Casino

Rich Migliorisi, Last Updated: October 11th, 2018 New Jersey Sports Betting Guide (2019)
SugarHouse to Offer Integrated Mobile sportsbook and online Casino

There has been no rest for the wicked over at Sugarhouse Online Casino, one the many NJ online casinos catering to the online gaming needs of Garden City residents.

First up was the launch of the SugarHouse Sportsbook, an operator of NJ online sports betting. Right from the get the SugarHouse Sportsbook has differentiated from the numerous sportsbooks already running out in New Jersey. And with new sportsbooks popping up almost daily from the NJ online casinos and other competitors, any new contender NEEDS to offer players something but also useful and relevant.


Sugarhouse Online Casino and Sports Betting Site New Features

So, what has Sugarhouse Online Casino done to make SugarHouse Sportsbook attractive to New Jersey players? By making it NJ’s first online sports betting outfit to provide its players with an integrated mobile sportsbook and online casino all-in-one.

No one can ever say Sugarhouse Online Casino has no ambition. They were set to launch their new online vertical while also finding to differentiate trying to offering the public a brand new betting option – the Jackpot Parlay.


Essentially, Jackpot Parlay offers features you would normally associate with an online casino that has been adapted to make relevant to sports betting. It also means that players can win those massive jackpots, comparable to those you would find at any NJ online casino, off small stakes.


How Does Sugarhouse's Jackpot Parlay Work?

In its most basic form, it is like a quick pick lottery ticket for sports betting. You select the criteria and place your small wager. Then you sit back, or on the edge of your seat, and watch the game, hoping the criteria you selected to come up and give you that massive jackpot.

“This feature is ideal for someone that wants to make a game day exciting without spending a lot of time selecting games to bet on,” Stetz elaborated. “For example, tomorrow is the first full Saturday of college football with a lot of different games. You want to have a bet on, but not sure which games to pick? Select “football” in the Jackpot Parlay feature and how many games you want to include (the more games, the bigger the jackpot), and that’s it.”

Mattias Stetz - Chief Operating Officer of Rush Street Interactive


How To Wager On The Sugarhouse Jackpot Parlay

  1. Go to and click on the Jackpot Parlay icon.
  2. Next, you will be presented with 8 randomly selected games, with each showing you the current size of the jackpot.
  3. You can then change certain aspects of the game, such as what time of sport, the timespan, how many games and how much you want to bet. Or you could leave it at its default setting.
  4. Place your wager and wait for the outcome.

If you alter the default settings, you will notice the jackpot amount total will also change as it is based on the number of games you’re going to include and, obviously, how much you are willing to bet. To win the jackpot, you will have to get the results of all the games you selected.

You will have to pick a minimum of 3 games when playing Jackpot Parlay at Sugarhouse Online Casino’s SugarHouse Sportsbook, while the top cap depends on how many games there are that include the criteria you selected earlier. If you choose live games, there is a bigger chance of the odds being altered before you place your bet.

The fun thing about the jackpot parlay is that it has the potential for life-changing amounts. Combining 8 or 9 games can turn one dollar in hundreds of thousands of dollars.”

Mattias Stetz

So, has Jackpot Parlay been a popular introduction? Let’s put it this way – wagering on Jackpot Parlay accounted for a simply staggering 35% of all the first-week bets placed at the SugarHouse Sportsbook of the Sugarhouse Online Casino.  Players love how simple it is and just how much you could win with a tiny wager. The fact that knowledge of sport can help you also add to its appeal and gives it the illusion of being a skill-based game.

The Power Of 5 Dollars

The SugarHouse Sportsbook has already seen one player, skilled or lucky, make over $800, with minimal effort. He correctly predicted the outcome of 9 games, with 7 of the winner’s favorites and 2 underdogs. His winning ticket looked like:

The player turned $5 into $809.51 when correctly picking the outcome of nine games. The winning player bet the money on all of the games. Seven of the picks were favorites, and the remaining two were underdogs. This winning ticket looked a little something:

  • Chicago White Sox (favorite) at Detroit Tigers(Odds - 7-1)
  • Boston Red Sox (f) at Tampa Bay Rays(Odds - 1-9)
  • Philadelphia Phillies (f) at Toronto Blue Jays(Odds - 8-3)
  • Oakland A’s (underdog) at Minnesota Twins(Odds - 6-2)
  • Cincinnati Reds (f) at Chicago Cubs(Odds - 0-9)
  • St Louis Cardinals (u) at Colorado Rockies(Odds - 12-3)
  • Texas Rangers (f) at San Francisco Giants((Odds - 1-3)
  • Houston Astros at Los Angeles Angels(3-1)
  • San Diego Padres at Los Angeles Dodgers(3-7)

With football season just having kicked off, expect more and more sportsbooks will pop up in on the sports betting market thanks to

As it stands, Sugarhouse Online Casino / SugarHouse Sportsbook is the only live casino/sportsbook combo in NJ. That together with the fact that they have several innovations, just like Jackpot Parlay, that appeal to newcomers and seasoned sports betting veterans will surely see them succeed.

There is just over a week until football season kicks off. Expect more online and mobile sportsbooks to enter the New Jersey market thanks to those NJ online casinos that have not yet joined seeing how popular it is. Let’s hope that just as Sugarhouse Online Casino’s SugarHouse Sportsbook did, they add something new to the game.

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