Super Bowl 2020 Predictions | Best Prop Bets Guaranteed To Make You Money

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Super Bowl 2020 Predictions | Best Prop Bets Guaranteed To Make You Money

The Super Bowl is the biggest day of the sports year in the United States and is about far more than just a game. It's a spectacle in itself and one that annually draws in the neighborhood of 100 million viewers.

Among those watching are casual and hardcore football fans, many of which are taking part in sports betting of some kind on the game. But it isn't all conventional odds and totals that bettors are gambling on, in many cases the wager types of choice are props.

Super Bowl 54 Prop Betting

When it comes to the Super Bowl, prop markets go even deeper than they normally do, offering a seemingly endless array of wager types for football fans of all levels. We have covered early Super Bowl 54 predictions and which teams will make it to Miami in our previous article.

These markets cover anything you can imagine from game results to player performance to the most minuscule in-game stat to the national anthem and Gatorade color, along with everything between.

What Are Super Bowl Props?

Prop bets are wagers on whether or not something will take place that isn't the conventional moneyline, spread or total of a given game.

Many of these bets are essentially ‘yes or ‘no’ questions or over/unders regarding the occurrence of a given outcome with oddsmakers providing the questions. These markets could be based on players, teams, specific portions of the game, and much more that we&'ll get into below.

Regular-season games already offer hundreds of props, so when things hit another level for the playoffs and then again for the Super Bowl, betting options could number in the thousands.

This year, 20 weeks of regular-season and playoff football all lead to one place: Super Bowl 54 in Miami, Florida on February 2, 2020. Even with some time before the game, it isn't too early to look at some of the prop betting markets that players can choose from when super Bowl Sunday arrives.

Here's a list of many of the types of Super Bowl props included at the best NJ sportsbooks:

  • Super Bowl MVP
  • Spread/Total Parlays (alternate spreads/totals)
  • Moneyline/Total Parlays (alternate totals)
  • 1st/2nd Half Betting
  • Quarters Betting
  • and many more

Despite the incredibly wide range of individual betting options above, this doesn't even cover all the options that will be available for Super Bowl 2020 betting.

Best Super Bowl 2020 Prop Bets

betting on super bowl 2020 props

Without knowing which teams will make it to Super Bowl 54, making specific predictions for these categories isn't exactly feasible. We will, however, provide some suggestions regarding our favorite markets for Super Bowl prop betting and detail why these categories could be the ones to target.

One of the very best things sports betting sites in NJ and PA offer are parlays that link together a side and the total from each game. For example, FanDuel Sportsbook features around a dozen parlays for every NFL game that combine moneylines, spreads and totals while also offering alternate lines for these wagers.

For betting on Super Bowl 54, you may feel more comfortable with a slightly different total or spread rather than the conventional odds. If so, there are parlays with alternate lines on spreads and totals with modified odds to reflect the changes. Choosing alternate totals and sides makes the best work in some ways like a traditional teaser.

Longest Field Goal In Super Bowl 54 Prop Bet

Betting on the yardage of the longest field goal in the game is an exciting option that all the sites in New Jersey and the best PA sportsbooks are sure to have included in their prop markets. Each of the past two seasons, the total has been set around 47.5 yards, with the figure remaining in the mid-to-high 40s on most occasions.

Most teams don't make the Super Bowl without a decent kicking game, so it stands to reason that the over is always in play. Unlike some props, an over bet in this market is one that can last for the entire game. And if it doesn't that means you already won.

Highest Scoring Half Super Bowl Prop Bet

When choosing which half will be the highest scoring, you're sort of guessing the trend of the game. Each of the past two seasons, the second half has been higher scoring following slow starts to the game despite powerful offenses taking part. This is the direction we'd go in Super Bowl 54 as well right now, especially given the two-week layoff before the game.

You may have a chance to hedge your bet in the second half for guaranteed winnings, or to make additional bets at halftime knowing your original bet might be a win. For example, Super Bowl 53 had a 3-0 score at halftime. A pregame bet on the second half being the highest-scoring half was nearly a guarantee, opening up chances to make more wagers at halftime knowing winnings were imminent from the first wager.

National Anthem Prop Bet For Super Bowl 54

The length of the National Anthem is always one of the most popular Super Bowl props. The bet allows gamblers to bet on the time of the national anthem, over or under. There are often multiple odds for the length of the anthem, with varying payouts. Currently, the average anthem length stands at 1 minute and 58 seconds.

The pop singer, Jennifer Lopez, seems to be the one who will sing the National Anthem before Super Bowl 54. Based on her past performances she has always gone under the length predicted by most oddsmakers. Four of the last five anthems went past the two-minute mark.

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