Super Bowl Betting Tips: Strategy For Making 49ers vs. Chiefs Picks

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As is the case annually, Super Bowl 54 will be perhaps the busiest sports betting day of the year. The 49ers vs. Chiefs is sure to pull in action from all over the country, with a growing number of states offering legal sports betting on the Super Bowl.

Whether you’re a seasoned bettor or a novice in this space, we want to help you cash in on the big game! This article doesn’t aim to tell you exactly what decision to make when it comes to the 49ers vs. Chiefs game on February 2 in Miami. If you want some advice on choosing a side to wager on, please visit our Super Bowl 54 betting predictions for complete analysis.

So the goal here isn’t to merely hand you the pick but to provide bettors with the necessary information in order to make their own choices.

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How To Bet Super Bowl 54: NFL Betting Strategies For Making 49ers vs. Chiefs Predictions

Betting on the biggest game of the year isn’t exactly akin gambling on a standard NFL contest. The spectacle that is the Super Bowl and the two-week-long hype train that comes with it makes it so much more than a normal Sunday afternoon, and that can be felt among fans and players alike.

When it comes to the on-the-field action, teams will play desperate because there is no tomorrow, and these games tend to be unpredictable on many occasions. In collegiate athletics, the College Football Playoff National Championship and the NCAA Tournament final in basketball are the closest comparisons.

Plus, football is the only professional major American sport with a championship decided by just one game and wagering on it at one of the many recommended NJ betting sites truly is a one-of-a-kind experience each season. As the first week of February rolls around, keep in mind these five Super Bowl betting tips:

  • Super Bowl Line Movement & Betting Percentage

Line movement and betting percentage are two of the most important factors to consider any time you’re wagering on sports, but especially when we discuss Super Bowl betting strategy.

SB Prop Betting Info DKBet On Super Bowl 54 At DraftKings NJ!

For example, the above data tells us that nearly two-thirds of the bettors at DraftKings in New Jersey are siding with the Chiefs while at the same time, more than two-thirds of the actual money is on San Francisco.

That information by itself indicates larger sums of money are on the 49ers, which could be an indicator of professional bets on that side. At the same time, the line hasn’t moved off 1.5 points despite the huge disparity between betting percentage, which would ordinarily cause some movement. In this particular case, both of these things contradict one another, making it hard to tell which side the pros (sharps) are on.

The point is, both should be taken into account because knowing how the odds have changed (if at all) in comparison to the number of people on one side or another can have an enormous impact on how you bet the big game.

Also, keep in mind that signing up with a DraftKings NJ promo code could earn you a 20 percent deposit match bonus up to $500!

  • Look At Super Bowl Prop Betting As An Alternative

Super Bowl prop bets take on a life of their own this time of year, but why is that? It’s because there’s only one game to choose from, so the prop betting markets have exploded thanks to online betting sites. The multitude of props means there’s an option for every type of bettor, and it could even pay off to wager in this area as opposed to with conventional odds.

Keep in mind that the moneyline, spread, and total is what’s getting the overwhelming majority of the betting attention This means value can be found on some of these lines that sharp bettors aren’t getting to because they lie under the radar thanks to the wide net cast by props in today’s era of sports betting.

Props are an extremely fun and interesting way to watch a game, as they change your rooting interest from a team or total to an in-game occurrence. Check out our Super Bowl 54 prop predictions for some information on markets to choose from!

  • Set Risk Limits For Yourself

The Super Bowl isn’t like every other game, no matter how much we try to tell ourselves that. Because of that, it’s very possible you may want to splurge a bit on bets for the big game, but there’s still no excuse for losing all control.

Whether it’s traditional markets or props you’re trying to bet on, it doesn’t mean empty your account because it’s the last game of the season. If you decide to place more bets or lay down more money than you would for a normal game, set a risk limit to ensure things don’t get out of hand. This may stop you from being completely careless or making too many wagers, which is one of the most popular sports betting mistakes.

Making 10 or eight or even six bets is likely way too many to turn out a profit without one of them paying out in a huge way. Being selective is one of the keys to being profitable while handicapping the Super Bowl and sports in general. Set that limit for yourself and prioritize your wagers to give the largest chunk of your bankroll to your Super Bowl best bet.

  • Try A Super Bowl Same-Game Parlay Or Teaser

Many online betting sites are offering a same-game parlay, which combines one of the sides with the total of the game into one wager in exchange for enhanced odds. Below is an example that bettors can bet on after signing up with a SugarHouse Sportsbook promo code, which would also help you claim up to $250 to bet with. Please note the Chiefs are the home team:

Same Game Parlay SB54Place Super Bowl Bets At SugarHouse NJ!

This is personally one of my favorite markets that operators offer because bettors can be rewarded for correlating a side with the total of the game, and the options are plentiful.

Players have the choice of combining the total or an alternate total with the current spread, a modified version of the spread, or the moneyline. All of these two-side parlays come with enhanced odds, but both sides need to hit in order for the bet to cash in.

Because these parlays can involve modified spreads and totals, they are pretty similar teasers, which allow bettors to combine two or more sides (spreads and totals only) into one bet. Each side is modified by a predetermined amount of points, and all sides must cover the spread in order for the wager to be successful. In football, teasers are six, 6.5 or seven points for each side.

These wagers are a great way to boost your payouts and/or alter odds to a place where you’re comfortable putting in the bet. Our online NFL betting guide provides more information and examples of teasers.

  • Don’t Blindly Follow Super Bowl Betting Trends

With the big game coming up, even we’ve written about Super Bowl betting trends in recent weeks. Trends can be interesting and useful, so take them into account, but that doesn’t mean all of them are wholly reliable. Some can be merely a coincidence or may not dictate the outcome of a game as some think they might.

For example, Super Bowl odds for favorites can inflate and lose value, so taking underdogs has been especially profitable in recent years. They’ve gone 12-6-1 in the Super Bowl (discounting Super Bowl 49 since it was a pick ‘em spread).

At the same time, we may consider throwing this trend away this season. The tiny 1.5-point spread at a neutral site isn’t inflated at all since that’s exactly what it opened at, and it makes us feel like the 49ers may be underdogs in name only and not in reality. Trends don’t always hold up the same way when the game in question may not apply to it the same as past Super Bowls.

The team that has won the coin toss is 7-3 in the last 10 Super Bowls, while the team wearing white has an incredible 8-2 streak going that gets even more impressive if you extend it into the previous decade. Are you taking San Francisco purely on the fact that they are wearing white in Miami? Perhaps it’s a tidbit worth noting, but probably not worth being the basis of your wagers.

For more wagering advice and information, visit our 2020 Super Bowl betting guide to get yourself even more prepared for the big game in Miami between the 49ers and Chiefs!

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