NJ Sports Betting Apps Are Cleared For The Apple App Store

NJ Sports Betting Apps Are Cleared For The Apple App Store

New Jersey is leading the online and mobile sports betting revolution. Nevada’s online sports betting market remain stagnant, largely due to casino owners fearing that apps will steal away the visitors of their multi-billion dollar properties.

Currently, there are eight mobile sportsbooks running in NJ and the online market is exploding with DraftKings in the lead. DraftKings Sportsbook was the first and most profitable mobile platform with more than $8.5 million in revenue for September.

A large part of that success is that DraftKings is available on every device and every operating system. Android, iOS, Desktop PC - you name it, there is a DraftKings platform available to use right now. And while Android and Desktop versions have been mostly available by all sportsbook in New Jersey, iOS users had fewer options. Three sportsbooks just recently received approval by Apple to add their applications on the Store and consequently open them for the public.

BetStars NJ, 888 Sports, and playMGM, which were also some of the last sportsbooks to open had to wait for nearly two months, before they can offer their sports betting products to Apply devices. iOS holds 44.3% of the U.S. mobile device market. This means almost half the market was blocked for these three providers until they figured it out with the Apple team.


NJ Sports Bettors Are Not Waiting For Anyone

With a big variety of platforms and providers readily available to receive a wager, New Jersey citizens did not experience a shortage of sports betting options.

In fact, any online platform that wasn’t up to par with the latest and greatest was easily shunned and forgotten.

BetStars NJ and playMGM do not offer browser-based betting and therefore forfeit entirely on the Desktop PC market. Even though, Desktop PC has a smaller share of the market - 35% in 2017. Another 15% of mobile users are also using browsers like Chrome.

In total, that’s still a very large chunk, which these companies are missing out on, simply because they didn’t invest in the technology.

Here are the sportsbooks that support both mobile and browser-based betting:

  • DraftKings
  • 888 Sport
  • FanDuel
  • SugarHouse
  • Caesars
  • William Hill

BetStars, 888 Sports and playMGM can still leverage their existing customers. The Borgata still dominates the land-based casino industry in Atlantic City, so it’s likely playMGM can pull in a good amount of players through there.

Either so, it’s going to be hard catching up, especially as most Major League seasons have already begun. Players who wanted to bet have already tested out the options and have found a platform that they like. It’s not likely that somebody will abandon their investments and their developed online wallet, to switch to a new sports betting platform in the middle of the season.


Mobile Sports Betting Is The Main Source Of Revenue For NJ Operators

New Jersey is setting new standards to how sports betting works in the U.S. From the very launch of DraftKings, it was evident that mobile platforms will account to at least half the market.

NJ sports betting exceeded those early expectations and online sportsbooks brought in more than $12.5 million in revenue for September. Land-based counterparts claimed revenues of almost $11.4 million.

Now, with almost all online sportsbook serving the entire market, the lead may grow even larger.

The market will remain just as vicious as it was in the first months. Sportsbooks that have the lead now, like DraftKings and FanDuel have focused on technology long before the NJ market was even there and now they are reaping the benefits.

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