NFL Playoff Predictions 2019: Which Teams Are Postseason Bound?

NFL Playoff Predictions 2019: Which Teams Are Postseason Bound?

With just several weeks remaining in the pro football regular season, it's definitely not too early to shift our focus to what happens after 17 weeks of games are finished and make some early NFL playoff predictions!

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NFL Playoff Predictions: Which Teams Have The Best Shot At 2019 Postseason?

Once the season begins, very few online sportsbooks offer futures markets online specifically for NFL odds to make playoffs, but luckily we are working with one of the best NJ betting sites there is in William Hill.

We are going division-by-division look at where teams with postseason potential stack up against one another and we'll be offering NFL playoff predictions on who advance beyond the regular season. From there, we'll look at futures lines like AFC/NFC championship and 2020 Super bowl odds from William Hill NJ

AFC East

We can be sure the eventual AFC East champion Patriots (8-1) will be in the hunt for a third Super Bowl title in four years. The only drama that may come from this division is whether New England will secure home field throughout the AFC playoffs.

With the Jets and Dolphins out of the picture, the Bills (6-3) are the only other team in the NFL playoff picture with -120 odds to reach the playoffs. Buffalo has had a pretty easy draw and still have the Jets, Dolphins, and Broncos among its remaining opponents.

AFC North

Steelers Odds WHPlace NFL Playoffs Bets At William Hill NJ

The Ravens (7-2) have taken over the AFC North in dominant fashion and pulled off the statement win of the season, obliterating the then-undefeated Patriots in Foxborough.

Baltimore has positioned itself to not only play home games in January but to possibly take over the top overall seed in the conference if New England slips up. Behind them, the Steelers and Browns are fighting for their lives while one team exceeds expectations and one falls short of them.

Pittsburgh (5-4) is unexpectedly 4-1 with Mason Rudolph at QB and is currently in playoff position with -120 odds to reach the postseason. Cleveland (3-6) recently lost four in a row and desperately needs to make a run in order to jump over several teams.

AFC South

This was a two-team race a month ago and still is for the most part, although one club is starting to pull away. The Texans (6-3) are winners of four-of-five games and now have every opportunity to secure the AFC South title en route to the NFL postseason.

Indianapolis (5-4) was forced to turn to its third-string quarterback and lost two straight, though it remains tied for the final playoff spot. Five of the seven remaining games very winnable, the Colts should remain in the hunt as long as Jacoby Brissett returns under center.

Our safest bet at the moment is Houston at -175 to win the division. Tennessee (5-5) and Jacksonville (4-5) are by no means eliminated from playoff contention but have several teams to jump over in the late stages of the season.

AFC West

As it turns out, the Chiefs (6-4) aren't running away with the division as it appeared they would early on. A knee injury to Patrick Mahomes and a couple of ugly losses have narrowed Kansas City's lead over the….Oakland Raiders (5-4)?

Mahomes returned in Week 10 and assuming he remains healthy, the Chiefs still hold the inside track and the odds reflect that. Whether or not they're a serious threat to Baltimore or New England remains to be seen. Oakland is tied for the final playoff spot with several winnable games remaining on the schedule. The Chargers (4-6) have a long way to go and must play the Chiefs twice.

AFC Playoff Picture

As expected, the AFC playoff picture is pretty crowded as several teams race for two Wild Card spots on top of the four division winners. At 6-3, Buffalo is alone in fifth place while

four teams are tied for the sixth and final playoff spot with a 5-4 record but Steelers currently occupy the spot. Below are our current NFL standings projections for the AFC:

  1. New England Patriots
  2. Baltimore Ravens
  3. Houston Texans
  4. Kansas City Chiefs
  5. Buffalo Bills (WC)
  6. Pittsburgh Steelers (WC)
  7. Indianapolis Colts (OUT)
  8. Oakland Raiders (OUT)
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NFC East

This one is pretty simple. The NFC East is coming down to the Cowboys (5-4) and the Eagles (5-4), with Dallas holding the advantage due to a head-to-head win and a 4-0 division record to this point.

NFC East
Bet On The NFL Playoffs At William Hill

The rematch takes place in Week 16 and could decide the winner along with which team will be the only one from the division to reach the postseason. There is a way the loser of this division winds up in the playoffs, but it will likely require something better than a 9-7 record to do it, which could leave the NFC East loser on the outside looking in.

The Eagles are currently -133 to win the division and -140 to reach the playoffs, but we like the Cowboys' value of -105 for the NFC East and -120 for the playoffs.

NFC North

At a time earlier in the season it looked like Green Bay (8-2) would run away with this division, but the Vikings (7-3) have won five of six and sit just one game back of the NFC North lead.

Minnesota, which remains undefeated at home, hosts the Packers in Week 16 on Monday Night Football, so you may want to circle your calendar. Both of these teams are headed to the postseason in all likelihood but there is no value in betting on reaching the postseason alone.

If leaning toward the Vikings pulling out the NFC North, take a stab at +150 before anything changes, but our money remains on Green Bay. The Packers still control their own destiny in terms of the division and If able to secure at least one home game at Lambeau Field in January, the Packers become an interesting bet for the NFC or even the Super Bowl.

NFC South

We noted there wasn't much drama left in the NFC South race, and that holds true. The Saints (7-2) are coasting to a division title with Drew Brees back in the fold while the Panthers (5-4) are the only other legitimate playoff contender with a backup quarterback and several teams to leap over.

Since New Orleans is likely to have home field in the postseason, they're a popular pick for a deep run. The saints currently share the lowest odds (+300) to win the NFC and the second-lowest odds to win Super Bowl 54 (+500).

NFC West

NFC WestBet On The NFC West Winner At William Hill

Following a thrilling win for Seattle (8-2) over the 49ers (8-1), the NFC West title appears up for grabs. These two teams meet again in Week 17 with potentially huge implications, although both are primed for playoff berths. Our money is on the Seahawks (+250) taking over the NFC West by season's end due to the excellent value.

Both Seattle and San Francisco hold a firm lead on Los Angeles (5-4) which sits on the outside of the NFL playoff picture. In order for the Rams to find their way in, they'll have to hold off a host of teams from three of the four divisions in the conference.

NFC Playoff Picture

The NFC playoff picture is just as congested as the AFC with nine teams fighting for six spots with most of them capable of slipping between a Wild Card spot and leading the division. The NFC North, East, and West are still undecided, which makes pinpointing positions in the standings pretty difficult.

Below are our NFL standings predictions for the NFC based on value, schedule, and where things currently stand:

  1. New Orleans Saints
  2. Green Bay Packers
  3. Seattle Seahawks
  4. Dallas Cowboys
  5. Minnesota Vikings (WC)
  6. San Francisco 49ers (WC)
  7. Los Angeles Rams (OUT)
  8. Philadelphia Eagles (OUT)

2020 Super Bowl Odds: Which Teams Can Reach Miami?

Whether you're betting on a team to win their conference or the Super Bowl, there are several options in both conferences. Based on the value of the odds, current form, and the upcoming schedule, here are a couple of teams from the AFC and NFC to keep an eye on for deep runs in the 2019 NFL playoffs.

Super Bowl OddsBet On Super Bowl 54 At William Hill NJ!
  • New England Patriots (-118 to win AFC, +240 Super Bowl Odds)

The Patriots may have been slightly brought down to earth, but this is still the strongest all-around team in the conference and possibly the league.

Baltimore proving the Patriots are human may be a benefit to bettors since the odds were getting out of control. While the road may have more obstacles than originally thought, a +240 line on the Patriots could be worth a bet. Keep in mind that a tough schedule awaits this team over the next few weeks and another loss or two could boost that payout a bit more.

  • Baltimore Ravens (+375 to win AFC, +600 odds to win Super Bowl)

The Ravens have surged to the upper tier of the AFC, ahead of Kansas City, and are in a class with only New England. Baltimore doesn't have the easiest schedule to close things out, so this is another team whose payout could be boosted in the coming weeks by potential losses on a tough schedule

Bettors looking at 2020 Super Bowl odds or even AFC championship lines are looking for reasons not to take the Patriots. The Ravens winning head-to-head and presumably running away with the NFC North are good enough reasons for us in addition to the juicy odds.

  • New Orleans Saints (+300 to win NFC, +500 Super Bowl odds)

The Saints are already 7-2 this season with a favorable schedule down the stretch, which means home-field advantage in the Big Easy is very likely. We all know New Orleans is a different team inside the dome and they'll absolutely be a legitimate Super Bowl contender once January hits.

Because the draw isn't super difficult for New Orleans, we'd recommend making futures bets on the Saints now before odds began to dip even more. Every other team near the top of the NFC standings has a more difficult road between now and the playoffs, making this the most valuable time to jump on one of the few teams that rank in the top ten in offensive and defensive DVOA.

  • Green Bay Packers (+500 to win NFC, +850 Super Bowl Odds)

Where things currently stand, the Packers are staged to earn a bye in the first round of the postseason before hosting a divisional-round game.

As mentioned above, home games in the frozen tundra of Wisconsin in January set up one of the classic home-field advantages in all of sports and makes Green Bay an intriguing selection to make a deep run.
Aside from the Saints, no team is running away with its division and stealing that second spot away unless Green Bay falters.

They do have games against Minnesota and San Francisco, but the other four are pretty light. If this goes the way its trending and the Packers can hold onto the division while winning 12 or so games, don't doubt Aaron Rodgers in the postseason.

  • Seattle Seahawks (+750 to win NFC, +1500 odds to win Super Bowl)

The Seahawks' win in San Francisco is the most impactful win in the NFC to this point in the season. Not only did the last undefeated team go down, but the aura of invincibility was taken off the Niners just a little bit.

Seattle was thought to be several steps behind its division rival, especially on defense, but proved it can win in any environment and did so while overcoming a series of bad events.

Pete Carroll's team also put itself in the division race and has one more shot at the 49ers this season. Comparing the NFL betting lines between these two NFC west powers, the value lies with Seattle's still-inflated NFC Championship and Super Bowl 54 odds.

If you want to learn more about the wagering on the postseason, visit out NFL playoffs betting guide!

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