Canada's Gambling Industry Shows Signs Of Growth

Canada's Gambling Industry Shows Signs Of Growth

Due to online gambling not having a regulating body, there is no requirement for online casinos in Canada to reveal their revenue numbers. Due to this, it is very difficult to find the most recent numbers, but we can still see based on past trends and small pieces of information, that Canada's gambling industry continues to grow.

Thanks to a combination of revenue from lotteries, online casinos, land-based casinos, and charitable gambling, Canada saw positive growth in 2017 with a 4.9 percent jump in wagering income to a total of CA$17.3 billion for the year. And while they heavily trail their next-door neighbors to the South in terms of total earnings, progress made in the mobile betting sector as well as new land-based casinos to be opened might give Canada the boost that they need to eventually match up to the United States.

Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia Lead Provinces In Total Betting Revenue

Most of the Canadian provinces allow you to wager on sports, lotteries, casino games, and more in one way or another, although not all offer land-based casinos within their boundaries. Here are some of the more active provinces within the Great White North:

  • Ontario has a total of 25 land-based casinos, and also offers sports betting, slots, horse racing, and lottery
  • Alberta also has 25 casinos, and offers online gambling as well as allowing you to bet on sports, horse racing and more
  • British Columbia is third on the list with 15 casinos, and gives their inhabitants the option to bet on sports, horse racing, the lottery, and offers limited options for mobile casino play
  • Quebec offers up 9 casinos for players and allows sports betting, online wagering, and betting on horses

Ontario is the biggest contributor to the total earnings taken in by the Canadian betting industry, as they account for 43 percent of the CA$17.3 billion total, raking in CA$7.445 billion for 2017. They've had the most impressive year-after-year growth, as they jumped up 12 percent in total gaming income from 2016 to 2017. Easily outpacing others in the region, they're taking massive steps to continue that increase, as they update their lottery technology while renovating older land-based casinos to appeal to new players who want the kind of experience they can experience in the United States.

Even though they have a smaller amount of casinos to gamble in, Quebec was able to amass an income of CA$3.6 billion, good for second place on the list. Albeit at a smaller rate than Ontario, they were able to show a 2.12 percent growth over the previous year. British Columbia took the third spot on the list with an increase of 1.36 percent in 2017, boosting their bottom line to CA$3.14 billion.

As mentioned, revenue reports can be difficult to come by, but there are signs that 2019 has seen exponential growth compared to past years.

2019 First Quarter Revenue For Ontario Is A Sign Of Things To Come

During May, the Great Canadian Gaming Corporation announced financial results for the first quarter. These results show that Canadian gambling is on the rise as the 2019 first quarter showed a 35% increase when compared to 2018, generating $312.1 million in revenue. Last year during the first quarter, the Company reported $230.5 million in revenue.

How Does Canadian Gambling Income Compare To The United States?

While Canada has continually shown positive revenue growth in casino wagering, online wagering, sports betting, and more, they still fall well short of the numbers they see from the United States. While the total earnings for the country were at CA$17.3 million, around $13.5 million USD, the US was able to pull in over $40 billion in commercial casino revenue alone. That doesn't even factor in tribal gambling income at around $30 billion, or state lotteries that pump in around $80 billion a year. Of course, Canada has around 1/10th of the population of the United States and simply doesn't have the density like they do to repeatedly pump money into these types of wagers.

While the numbers might be far off, there is massive room for advancement thanks to a continued push for online wagering and mobile sports betting. Experienced providers like NetEnt and Microgaming continue to expand their technology to entice new players. Also expected to boost the bottom line is the acquisition of Sky Betting and Gaming by The Stars Group, which gives The Stars Group one of the top global online sports betting brands to bring to Canada. As legislation within the country advances and allows for easier mobile gaming play, we could see even more positive revenue growth in the near future.

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