NFL Playoff Bracket 2020 For Football Betting Contest (Printable)

NFL Playoff Bracket 2020 For Football Betting Contest (Printable)

If you haven't played the online NFL playoff bracket challenge before, you need to find a contest this year and win some real cash with Super Bowl betting.

There are many options at regulated online sportsbooks both in New Jersey as well as Pennsylvania.

When you decide on a particular bracket challenge at one of our recommended NFL betting sites you should print out our NFL playoffs bracket (PDF version) to write down your team predictions.

If you need help filling it out you should take a look at the NFL Playoff futures. The future odds at online sportsbooks will tell you which team has the best chance to make it to the Super Bowl.

With this information, you can work backward filling out your NFL Playoffs bracket. The NFL gives you a better shot at getting a perfect bracket as compared to the one for March Madness. With only 12 teams in the postseason, the chance you get all teams right is much higher so it winning real cash.

NFL Playoff Bracket 2020 For Football Betting Contest (Printable)NFL Playoff Bracket - Print Your Bracket

NFL Playoffs Betting Tips

Tip #1 - Weather Matters

Weather is an NFL factor important to consider. Warm weather teams going to cold weather places tend not to perform too well. Teams who are passing driven will have plenty of problems also.

Tip #2 - Stay Away From Underdogs

There is an idea that because a team made it to the playoffs it is dangerous. There is too much credit given and data does not support this. Regular reasons dogs that make to the playoffs are still dogs.

Tip #3 - Favorite Teams Are a Sure Bet

During the divisional round, the favorite teams will have one extra week to rest and prepare. The team playing in the wildcard round won't have this luxury. Thus, teams with one week of rest have a huge advantage.

Tip #4 - Trend Is Not Your Friend

Let's say you look for a team that's 10-4 against the spread. That team must be a good one. But what happened if that team took advantage of a weak schedule. The betting trends won't tell you that.

Tip #4 - There Is No Cinderella Story

Do you recall the 2007 Giants or the 2010 Packers? All of those teams came in strong and won the Super Bowl. It doesn't happen often. The last five Super Bowl-winning squads had a bye week during before.

When you end up as a bracket winner, friends will be asking for your NFL tips on how to make a pefect bracket. If you still want more info visit our NFL Playoffs betting sites page for real money betting.

Free 2020 NFL Playoff Bracket Printable PDF - Print Your Betting Bracket

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