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With many of its neighbors already entrenched in the world of legalized sports betting, the time is rapidly approaching for Ohio to establish itself in the online gaming industry.

Can I Bet On Sports Online In Ohio?

Ohio online sports betting is not legal just yet but Governor Mike DeWine has made it publicly known that he is hopeful about wagering in the Buckeye State.

Where Can I Place A Bet In Ohio?

Even though there are no online or retail sportsbooks in the state, Ohioans aren't completely out of luck. In every direction, Ohio is bordered by a state that has legalized sports betting. Whether it's Indiana, Michigan, West Virginia, or Pennsylvania, residents do have some options to take part in legal sports betting.

Ohio Online Sportsbook List

How Do Sports Betting Signup Offers Work?

Signup offers are a fantastic way to get bonuses from online sportsbooks. Once Ohio online sports betting platforms get going, each site will offer one. These bonuses are dished out to entice new customers to sign up, which makes sense when you consider how competitive this industry is.

The first step to claiming your welcome offer is to register a new account with the sportsbook. There are a few ways by which you can ensure getting a bonus while beginning your registration:

Sportsbook bonus offers come in all shapes and sizes. You need to understand what they look like and what they offer if you are to get the best out of them. There are three main bonus types of which you need to be aware.

First Deposit Offer

Many online sportsbooks have a first deposit bonus for new players signing up to the platform. This offer involves rewarding new players with the deposit match up to a certain amount in site credit.

The size of the bonus you get with this offer depends on the sportsbook but it is not uncommon for players to get a 100 percent match, which immediately doubles the available funds for sports betting.

Let's say you made the first deposit of $150 on a site that's offering a 100% deposit bonus match. This means the sportsbook will give you another $150 on top to make it $300 in total to bet with.

While this bonus is the way to ensure you get the most for your money when first signing up, there are also wagering requirements that must be met before winnings from bonus funds can be withdrawn. Check the terms and conditions before completing your sign-up to get all the details.

No Deposit Offer

Some players consider the no deposit offer to be more lucrative than the first deposit bonus, and with good reason.

Some bettors consider a no deposit bonus to be even better than receiving the first deposit, and it's easy to see a why. A no deposit bonus involves the sportsbook awarding new players just for creating an account with no personal investment required. It is the closest thing to free money that a bettor can receive when registering.

Bonus offers of this nature are few and far between so it is definitely worthwhile but you will possibly need to meet wagering obligations before being able to withdraw winnings from the no deposit offer.

Risk-Free Bet

Sportsbook operators know new players may be hesitant to pull the trigger in placing that first bet. It's understandable, and the best online sportsbooks have prepared an offer to ease that burden quite a bit.

The risk-free bet promises to reimburse all first bet losses incurred by new players. This enables you to play with ease knowing that if your first shot at the big one ends up going south, the worst that can happen is you get another chance with the site credit awarded by the sportsbook.

Keep in mind that when wagering with site credit, however, the original wager amount is not returned to your account. Only winnings from the risk-free bet are credited to the balance.

How To Sign Up For A Sports Betting Site?

There are several aspects of signing up for a sportsbook that needs to be considered. This includes the welcome offer and your preference for a no deposit bonus, a deposit match, or a risk-free bet. But we also need to keep in mind the range of betting options, the banking methods available, and the type of promotions that are offered by the site.

After taking all these factors into account and settling on a sportsbook, you're ready to get into the signup process. Whether you click a link of some kind or go straight to the site homepage with a promo code ready to go, this is how to sign up for an online sportsbook:

How To Fund Your Betting Account

One of the best things about online betting compared to doing things in person is the fact that there is a wide range of payment methods to choose from. Not only are they many, but they're all secure and make things more convenient than driving to a casino standing in line with a bundle of cash.

Sportsbook Deposit Process

Whether you're a novice player making the first transaction into your new account or a seasoned sports bettor just topping up your funds, depositing in sports betting sites is straightforward. Here we go through the steps you need to follow.

Sportsbook Withdrawal Process

Even though withdrawal payment methods are usually outnumbered by deposit options, you still have ample alternatives to cash out your winnings and it's a very simple process to complete.

Online Sportsbook Payment Options

The number of payment options available in online sportsbooks is unmatched, and you can never find such convenience at brick and mortar locations. The following section outlines all the options at your disposal.

Credit Cards

Credit cards are one of the most widespread payment options online, and this is also true in online sportsbooks. Players have a selection of safe and easy-to-use credit card payment options at their disposal, depending on which platform you are on.

One downside of using credit cards is that this option is not available for withdrawals but they are great for deposits. We list some credit card options you can use to deposit in sports betting sites below.

Deposits into online sportsbook accounts are instant, and most platforms do not even charge a fee.

Debit Cards

Debit cards are also popular and some of the service providers include MasterCard, AMEX, Visa, and Discover. Debit cards function, largely in the same way as credit cards so players can expect secure and easy to make deposits. All deposit transactions through debit cards are also free.

Like credit cards, however, you cannot withdraw funds directly to your debit card.

Prepaid Cards

Prepaid card payments work similarly to debit cards and are on the rise, with many players opting to use them for online sports betting purposes.

One of the major advantages of using prepaid cards is that you don't need to reveal your banking details to fund your live account. If you're wary of sharing financial information with the sportsbook, this could be an option for you.

These types of payments attract a small fee, whether it be per transaction or monthly. But for the most part, the positives outweigh the negatives.

Play Plus

The Play Plus (or Play+) card is a site-branded version of a prepaid card. These cards work the same way a debit card does but the major difference is that players can use specific sportsbook Play+ cards to easily make withdrawals in addition to deposits.

Withdrawals will instantly be added to your Play+ account balance, and bettors can easily access those funds for a small fee at eligible ATMs that accept Discover-branded cards such as Pulse and NYCE. The other choice is to transfer those funds to the connected bank account, which will take up to 72 hours.

Nearly every major sportsbook operator has its own Play+ card at this point and if you're committed to a specific site, these are an excellent option.


PayPal is by far the most popular eWallet in the United States and that extends into the gaming industry. This payment service receives wide acclaim for its ease of use, and general security of payments and customer data.

PayPal serves as a bridge between betting sites and your bank. This means there is no need for you to divulge your banking details to the sportsbook. There are also no fees to deposit or withdraw.

Deposits are instant and withdrawals take 24 to 48 hours to reach your PayPal account. From there, it's an extra 1 to 3 days for funds to reach your bank account, although PayPal will transfer them instantly for a 1% fee.

PayPal is one of the most highly-recommended payment methods as it combines convenience with security and reliability.


Skrill is another eWallet that works in the same way as PayPal and provides a secure link between the sportsbook and your bank account. Deposits via Skrill are a breeze and so are withdrawals, as most transactions go through in 1 to 3 days.

The downside to Skrill is that not all sites offer it as a payment option and for the ones that do, there could be a small fee attached.


PayNearMe is another option you can use in most sportsbooks. It allows you to satisfy your payment obligations in cash at a predetermined physical location.

To use this method, you need to select the PayNearMe option as your preferred deposit method. The sportsbook provides you with a barcode which you take in-store to any valid PayNearMe location, which is usually a 7-Eleven or Family Dollar store.

Transactions through PayNearMe are subjected to a fee, however, and it is also only eligible for deposits.


Automated Clearing House (ACH) is a computer-based payment processing network that allows bettors to fund their sportsbook accounts using their bank via eCheck. Payments from this service are largely regarded as secure and once you verify your banking information, processing time can take less than 24 hours.


Many people are comfortable using checks to pay for a range of products and services, so it's not surprising at all that this payment option also features in sportsbooks.

Bettors using checks to make deposits and withdrawals are initially intrigued because this method does not have any fees. But payments via checks are usually very slow. If you prefer this method, you need to consider that withdrawal transactions can take weeks to complete as they send the checks through the mail.

Cash At The Casino Cage

Even with all the advances and technology, some players still prefer walking up to the cashier to make deposits and withdrawals. Nothing online quite matches the experience of walking up to the cage and withdrawing your winnings.

Payments of this nature are popular amongst most bettors because, for one, they are secure. Cage transactions are also instant, no matter if you are depositing or withdrawing funds. You just need to be located within range of a land-based casino in order to do it.

Ohio Sports Betting Apps

Even though the structure of the Ohio online sports betting landscape is still up for discussion, looking at other jurisdictions which have gone down this road can give us a feel for what to expect.

Bettors can prepare for the emergence of online betting options both on mobile and desktop platforms.In places where online betting is rolled out already, wagering on mobile and PC are virtually the same.

Anything that can be done on a desktop computer can be done on a phone including depositing, withdrawing, and gaining access to all available betting markets. Apart from the apparent convenience of being able to place bets on the go, there's not much else that differs between the two.

Can I Bet On Sports With My iPhone or other iOS devices?

Yes, you can use your iPhone or any iOS powered device to place bets at online sportsbooks.

Can I Bet On Sports With My Android Phone or Tablet?

Yes, bettors on Android devices can also bet on sports in Ohio. All you need is a reasonably stable internet connection, and you are set.

How To Download Sportsbook Apps On iPhone

Downloading sportsbook apps on your iPhone or iPad is straightforward. Just follow the steps outlined below:

How To Download Sportsbook Apps On Android

Real money gambling apps are not allowed in the Google Play Store, so potential bettors with an Android device will have to do things in a slightly different way. But not to worry, the process is still pretty easy to understand and execute:

Which Sports Can I Bet On?

Legal online sportsbooks throughout the United States are known for offering a wide range of betting options that span across many sports and leagues from around the world.

Whether Ohioans want to bet on their hometown teams in Cleveland, Cincinnati, or Columbus, or bet on leagues and teams from around the country, they have the option to do so. The list of available betting options includes but is not limited to:

Can I Bet On Ohio College Teams?

The regulations concerning Ohio college sports teams are still being worked out. But it is likely that the Ohio Casino Control Commission establishes rules that don't allow wagers on collegiate teams that call Ohio their home.

Other states including New Jersey have adopted similar measures but if wagering in one of the surrounding states such as Pennsylvania, Indiana, West Virginia, or Michigan, collegiate teams such as Ohio State would be fair game.

Land-Based Sportsbooks vs. Online Sportsbooks

While land-based sportsbooks were the only option for a long time, that is no longer the case. And the truth is that the emergence of online betting has vastly improved the customer experience in many different ways. Here are some of the advantages offered by wagering online as compared to in-person:

Legal Sports Betting vs. Illegal Offshore Sports Betting

For a long time, sports betting in the United States was not legal. This created an opening for bettors to look overseas and sign up with offshore betting sites, many of which are not legally required to accept money from people located in the states.

They did and still continue to do it any way but bettors in this country need to understand that there are some serious risks involved in dealing with shady offshore betting sites. These sites purposely operate under the flag of another country to avoid the regulations that ensure the security, safety, and integrity of online sports betting.

Whether you realize it or not, your money and personal information can be at serious risk when using these unsecured sites and there are many reasons to avoid them. Here are just a few:

These problems do not persist with legal sportsbooks in the U.S., where each state has a governing body to oversee the industry and every site has ample customer service, plenty of bonuses and promotions, and is guaranteed to pay out if you win.

Even if you're not located in a state with legal wagering, using these sites isn't really worthwhile. They claim to be wholly legitimate but have a litany of red flags that bettors need to be aware of.

Despite the annoyance, you're better off heading to a neighboring state or opting for another option such as daily fantasy or a site such as FendOff Sports.

Ohio Sports Betting Timeline

Ohio's first casino opened in 2012 and today, the state's gambling landscape is made up of four casinos and seven racinos. When the time comes, some of these venues will undoubtedly partner with sportsbook operators to offer to bet, but that still remains in the future.

The first attempts to legalize sports betting in the Buckeye State came in 2019, although neither piece of legislation made it very far. The goal was set for 2020, when it seemed very likely that betting would be legalized and join the likes of neighboring states such as Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Indiana, Michigan, and even Illinois further west.

There were five separate hearings throughout 2020 related to sports betting but there was still no passage by the end of the year as congress couldn't agree on certain details related to the bill. Where we currently stand, both sides of Congress are in favor of passing sports betting so it is just a matter of time and it looks like 2021 will finally be the year.

Ohio Sports Betting Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Have To Live In Ohio To Bet Online?

No, you do not have to live in a state that offers legal sports betting, you just need to be inside state lines at the time of placing wagers. This means Ohioans are welcome to bet in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Indiana, Michigan, and several other places until the Buckeye State launches online betting for itself.

Can I Win Real Money At A Ohio Sportsbook?

Once they have launched, you can absolutely win money at Ohio Sportsbooks. Until then, take a short drive in any direction and find yourself in a state that offers legal online sports betting for real money.

What Is The Legal Gambling Age In Ohio?

To play in Ohio casinos, you must be 21 years or older. Players as young as 18 can make lottery and horse racing bets. If you're looking to play bingo in Ohio, you must be at least 16 years old.

Are Ohio Online Sportsbooks Safe?

Yes and even though online sports betting is not yet available in Ohio, you can be sure that when it comes online, it will be regulated by a sanctioned governing body.

This is the case in all other states with legal wagering including Michigan, Indiana, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania. Most likely, the Ohio Casino Control Commission will license and regulate sports gambling sites.

What Is Sports Betting Handle?

The handle in sports betting is the total amount of money in wagers taken by a sportsbook for a given period.

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