Cash Buster Extreme

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Cash Buster Extreme Game Description:

Michigan Lottery Game Information: Cash Buster Extreme

  • Price Points: $0.10, 0.20, $0.50, $1.00, $2.00, $5.00, $10.00
  • Default Ticket Price: $1.00
  • Top Prize: $100,000
  • Play Style: Collector

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Cash Buster Extreme Game Overview

Cash Buster Extreme is the 4th and fastest paced Cash Buster game on Michigan Lottery online! Cash Buster Extreme (CBX) is a one-click play experience where players win by revealing clusters of 5 or more blocks of the same color that share a side with each other. If 6 clusters of blocks are revealed in the same game, the player gets to choose and play one of two Bonus Games! In addition to the Bonus Games, CBX offers a new feature: Free Plays! If a player reveals 3 “Free Play” blocks next to each other, the player is awarded 1-4 Free Plays, which are played automatically.


Cash Buster Extreme Bonus Rounds

CBX has two unique Bonus Rounds that each have a “play until you hit collect” feature. The Blaster Bonus has the player blasts open crystals for prizes. The Reel Bonus has the player spin multiple reels to win all prizes underneath “Collect”.


Key Messaging for Bonus Round Players:

            - Cash Buster Extreme has two new bonus games!

            - Win Free Reveals to keep your play going!


Cash Buster Players


Key Messaging for Cash Buster Players:

- The fastest Cash Buster yet!

- A new look and new way to play Cash Buster!


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