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Harrah’s Philadelphia Casino is positioned on the waterfront of the Chester, PA. The casino (erstwhile Harrah’s Chester) is nearly 30 minutes away from the city of Philadelphia. Just, drive in south direction along I-95. The services offered are that of a casino and a racetrack called as a racino. Where the opening of the racetrack took place in September 2006, the casino was opened a little later on 22 January 2007.

Among the six licensed racinos in Pennsylvania, Harrah’s Philadelphia is one of them. With 2,900 slots and a wide array of table games, it has a variety of selection to offer. This is regarded as the most diverse property for these games among most of the Pennsylvania casinos.


No hotel, but casino feels like home

Harrah’s Philadelphia casino doesn’t have a hotel on the premises, which means if you need a place to stay overnight, you’re on your own. One of the Philadelphia airport hotels is the most visited by the guests. The reason being, the airport’s proximity to Harrah’s is less than the Center City Philadelphia. It is merely at a distance of ten minutes from the airport.

The Harrah’s Philadelphia is very popular for its hospitality and warm surrounding. But if we talk about the interior decoration or furnishings, it is far behind in that area. However, customers all around the world eulogize the casino for their friendly and appreciative staff. This kind of gesture is generally hard to find with other casinos. But as it is said, he who realizes the essence of the same makes their client’s journey more fun-filled in spite of win or loss. This sense of realization can be seen in the efforts of Harrah’s casino, which is highly praised.

While the racetrack remains open for live racing starting from the month of March till December, the casino opens throughout the year 24/7. The horse races are broadcasted each day from other tracks all over the country; hence, the fans can wager on and see the telecast.

Dining and entertainment

The dining amenity at the casino takes into account five restaurants, two shops for essentials and gifts, and diverse entertainment. Recently, The Block Entertainment Center has opened in place of the buffet.

The various restaurants, which one comes across here, are Caffe Napoli, Riverview Tavern, Mien (an Asian restaurant), Guy Fieri’s Philly Kitchen & Bar Restaurants, Philly Steak Shack, and Cove Steakhouse & Raw Bar (open from Thursday to Sunday). These provide the dining service at a reasonable fare. However, the quality of food is the area of concern reported by guests and the same find place in the review by Yelp and other sites. As regards the entertainment section, the acts performed at The Block are not only manifold but also the inclusion of era performers adds to the entertainment quotient. The entertainers include big names like Tony Orlando, Goo Goo Dolls and comedians. Local singers, DJs, musicians and dancers embrace the amusement at C-Bar.

Casino overview

Who can play in the casino?

The minimum age to gamble at Harrah’s Philadelphia Casino is 21 years. It is same as at all of the licensed Pennsylvania casinos. There is strict enforcement of the age requirement. As regards racetrack, the minimum age to wager is 18 years. On the day of races, children are permitted to be in the grandstands, provided their guardians escort them.

Security and fairness

The issues at the Harrah’s Philadelphia are alike all other casinos in Pennsylvania. The same goes with the issue of slots being too tight as reported by the players at this casino.

The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board (PGCB) licenses and regulates all Pennsylvania land-based casinos, including Harrah’s Philadelphia Casino. The casino must strictly adhere to the regulations concerning rules, payouts and permissible games set by the PGCB.

With a number of years of experience in its pocket, Harrah’s has become famous and the most sought after casino among the gambling industry. It was in the year 1937 when the first Harrah’s Casino was established in Reno. The Harrah’s Philadelphia Casino is currently owned by the Caesars Entertainment Corporation. In addition, they also operate other Harrah’s and affiliated casinos all over the United States. The Caesars is labelled as the largest provider of branded casino gambling and entertainment in the world. The players can expect the safety and security at the casino to be of utmost superiority. The games offered are in compliance with the standards set by the PGCB, thereby assuring a fair chance to succeed in the game.

Casino games

Almost all the games are offered at Harrah’s Philadelphia casino. Right from the video poker, slots, table games, to poker or speciality games on the left, there are various options for game selection by the players. In case still you want to try your hand at other gambling types, you can either go for broadcast races or live betting.


With 2,900+ slots, the casino serves all sorts of players from penny to high roller. The minimum slot costs one cent whereas the maximum denomination is $100. Hence, the Harrah’s assures total entertainment to each player.

Every category of the slot, be it simple, retro-style, gargantuan, state-of-the-art video slots, not forgetting the machines of progressive jackpots.

Jackpot Party and Wheel of Fortune are some of the well-known much-loved slots of the regular players of the casino. Alternatively, the allure of a new game might attract your attention.

Do not forget to watch the sizzling fresh video of slots, Monopoly Prime Real Estate and Wizard of Oz. The innovative gaming platform, Greenfield XD is used by the above games. Additionally, the HD displays that are used are of the dual vertical 32-inch super display. Furthermore, what keeps you engaging are not just restricted to alluring visuals but interactive bonus rounds also play a crucial role.

Michael Jackson, King of Pop exemplifies slot entertainment taken to the max as well, with fantastic audio, thrilling bonuses, and a huge progressive jackpot. Do check out the attributed 2x comp games in the New Games area.

There is a separate area of slot specially designed for the high rollers. With a host desk, 90 machines (of denominations up to $100) and a custom-made VIP service, the high limit slots area is large. Talking about the new Asian slots gaming area, it has gained an overwhelming response from the Asian players. The Asian slot is situated next to the Mien Restaurant. The games of 50 Dragons and 50 Dragons Deluxe are its aspects. An entire non-smoking slot area is there for the players. The key features of which are nickel, quarter slot machines and penny.

Slot payouts could be better

The issues at the Harrah’s Philadelphia casino are alike all the casinos of Pennsylvania. The first issue being the complaint received from many players concerning the smell of smoke even in non-smoking sections. Secondly, the slots are so tight that a playing stake of an amount of $100 disappears in almost no time.

One possible contributing factor is that many patrons are playing table games instead, which have a higher rate of return to the player (RTP). So in order to maintain what the casinos regard as an acceptable bottom line, the slot machine hold is greater. Also, many of the machines are penny machines, which accept multiple coins so it is actually possible to make sizable bets are known to have a lower percentage payback than higher denomination machines. Lastly, the relatively high 55 percent tax rate on slots in Pennsylvania gives casinos more of an incentive not to be more generous with their payouts than they have to be.

The rule of thumb for Pennsylvania casinos is a rate of return of 89 to 90 percent. This is definitely lower than in certain other jurisdictions, but it is actually above the PGCB-stipulated minimum, which is only 85 percent.

Video poker

The games offered by video poker are manifold. Not only this, games like Game King multi-denomination also forms part of this. Here the players can make a choice as regards the variation of video poker they wish to play plus their looking for the denomination.

Table games

The players can try the numerous range of table games at the Harrah’s Philadelphia Casino. Some of the table games forming part of this are:




EZ baccarat

EZ Paigow

Four card poker

Let It Ride

Midi and mini baccarat

Mississippi stud

Paigow tiles


Spanish 21

Stud poker

Three card poker

Ultimate Texas Hold ‘Em

Keep in mind that while indulging in a new game, go into the roots of the game with an understanding of all the rules and strategy suggested. For example, in EZ baccarat, instead of a five percent commission being assessed on winning Banker bets, any otherwise winning Banker hand adding up to seven is considered a push.

If you decide on roulette, be sure the game you are playing is the European version with just a single zero on the wheel and not the American version of the game with both a single and double zero. European Roulette has a house edge of only 2.70 percent as compared to a significantly higher 5.26 percent house edge in American Roulette.


Blackjack is played all over the world. The likelihood of winning in this game depends on skill as well as luck. Therefore, knowing and applying the correct basic strategy is very important.

Blackjack can be played according to a variety of different rules, some of which make the game more favorable to the player and some more favorable to the house. However, as a player in Pennsylvania, you never have to worry about having to settle for an inferior blackjack game. The blackjack rules for Pennsylvania, as set by the PGCB, are the same for every casino and are ranked among the best in the country. These are the rules:

Blackjack pays 3:2

Dealer stands on soft 17

Doubling down permitted on any two cards

Doubling down after splits

Splits up to three hands (except aces)

Late surrender

When the correct basic strategy is used, the house edge for this game is only about .40 percent. The following are the points of criticism put forward by the players:

A warning for card counters and low stakes players

Firstly, the cars counters are influenced since only two-third of the cards is actually transacted. (the cut card is placed at least two decks before the end of a six-deck shoe). Secondly, complaint received from the low stakes players that $5 minimum blackjack tables are hard to found. Not only this, talking about the weekday, there are rare chances of playing at a $10 minimum table. The crowd gathering is more on a weekday and the tables are served on first come first serve basis, resulting in all seats getting fully packed. It is hard to find open seats at table minimums under $15 on weekdays and in the case of weekends under $25.

Blackjack players at the casino can also make a special side bet called Lucky Ladies, which offers extra payouts when the first two cards add up to 20. Any 20 pays 4-1, a suited 20 pays 10-1, two matching cards pay 25-1, two Queens of Hearts pay 200-1, and two Queens of Hearts vs. a Dealer Blackjack pay 1,000-1.

Being that blackjack is a game of both luck and skill combined, knowing and using the correct basic strategy is the key to play. Hence, regardless of small Lucky Ladies proposition bet, don’t make it a part of your routine.

HP poker room

The poker room at Harrah’s Philadelphia is the only World Series of Poker (WSOP) poker room in the district of Philadelphia. It remains open 24*7. With a total number of 28 tables, it offers limit and no-limit hold ‘em, omaha and stud. Where the no-limit games can be played at a minimum of $1-$2 and the maximum at $10-$25, the limit games begin at least $2-$4-$6 to a maximum of $20-$40. Based on the type of game and the number of hours the players play, the poker players are comped for cash game play.

Frequently scheduled special tournaments and High Hand giveaways add to the excitement.

Total rewards program

The visitors have the option to choose from different land-based casinos of Pennsylvania. What makes the casino of Harrah’s Philadelphia a favorite among the residents of Pennsylvania and visitors is its rewards program, Total Rewards. It is a superior multi-casino player program of rewards.

Every casino falling under Pennsylvania Casinos boast a program for rewarding players for their support and bustle. Incentivizing is an important design introduced by the casinos to make customers satisfied and to revisit the casino every time they visit the city of Pennsylvania. The review sites of TripAdvisor and Yelp pens down that the Harrah’s Philadelphia Casino is different from other casinos of Pennsylvania in terms of ease, adaptability, suppleness, and the Total Rewards Program’s degree of benefits.

The casinos owned by the Caesars Entertainment are the only one offering the special program of Total Rewards. For those not having the Total Rewards Card, visit the Total Rewards Center on your visit to Harrah’s or any other casino for participation in the program. The card is issued without any charge. Once you have a card, the next time onwards, every time you play at the casino, just present the card before the commencement of the play at a table game, otherwise insert the card into the slot machine in order to obtain rewards.

Every play taken part in at all the casinos are integrated together, i.e. both land-based casino and online casino. For redemption of your awards, there is an option as to what time and place you want your rewards to be redeemed. Taking an example, if you’re a player at Harrah’s Philadelphia, you can very well use your saved comps to be used towards a meal the next time you plan to visit the Harrah’s. This is applicable for all the casinos owned by Caesar.

Credit and tier categories

Reward credits and tier credits are the two kinds of credits that are earned based on your play. Either the reward credits can be changed into cash or you can make use of them just like cash on the way to:




Gift shop purchases

Hotel stays

Other facilities at any participating Caesars property

On the basis of the amount of money you spend on these benefits, you can take home additional reward credits. Not only it is limited to this, it is also available on purchases at selected retail shops and local restaurants. Every 100-reward credit is equivalent to $1 in spending money.

The program of Total Rewards is divided into four tiers. These are:



Seven Stars


Your tier position is determined based on the number of tier points you have at any specified point in time. It is reset back to zero on the opening day of every year. You need to earn 5,000 points to qualify for Platinum status, 15,000 points for Diamond status and 1,50,000 for Seven Stars status. The higher the points you earn, the more the bonus return and privileges.

Complimentary hotel stay is one of the rewards available to the ones in the top tier status. You know now that the Harrah’s Philadelphia casino doesn’t provide the facility of the hotel. Hence, the host of the player makes plans for the arrangement to elevate the lodgings cost at a hotel in close proximity.

Diamond and seven-star privileges

Diamond Club and Seven Stars Lounge are the special privileges enjoyed by the players. It is available to the qualified players only and is completely dependent on the status of the player. Harrah’s casino has no Seven Stars Lounge, hence, where Diamond level players, are able to visit the Diamond Club only on one occasion each day, Seven Stars members and guests boast boundless visiting privileges.

Curiously, alcoholic beverages are not comped in the Diamond Lounge. This decision has many patrons, who spend staggering amounts of money in the casino, in an uproar. The casino’s top players can avail the following few of the enhanced rewards:

Getaway vacations

Comped meals and shows

Invitations to exclusive events

Special gifts

Priority service

The lack of a hotel and a Seven Stars Lounge is definitely felt by the players of Seven Stars. But the Harrah’s makes up for this flaw by providing implausible rewards which are hard to find at any other casino. They can have a horse race named after every year. And, soon after the race is finished, the player and guest can have their picture clicked with the winning horse. Further, they are also obliged with a $125 food credit plus a $25 credit in order to wager on an additional race.

Additionally, it is on Saturday that members of Seven Stars are called for Happy Hour with hors d’oeuvres and complimentary cocktails. The Happy Hour draws attention to the special drawing whereby five cardholders win an amount of $100 in the play of free slot.

Total rewards offers something for everyone

Undoubtedly, Harrah’s Philadelphia Casino crosses all boundaries to make their players provide convenience in every respect. The Total Rewards is in fact great program when it comes to high-roller welcoming. It takes into consideration not only the big players but small bettors. The small bettors can earn sufficient reward credits to convert their credits into casino comps or take delivery of additional cash. Special promotions and the one in progress can be accessed by them. Every casino restaurant provides the discount on each meal to all the players.


No casino is ideal in all deference. It would be wrong to say that a particular casino can fulfil all needs of the player as a whole. The following is the list of things not up to the mark according to the patrons visiting the casino:

Beverage service could be faster

Food could be better

Hard to earn decent comps from table game play

Minimums on table games are too high

Tight slots

Smell of smoke in the casino    

No free drinks in the Diamond Club when they are complimentary on the casino floor

In contrast, the players appreciate the courteous behaviour and friendliness of the staff at the casino. All efforts are put in by the hosts and customer service staff to look into the concerns raised by the customers. Also, the variety of games, nightlife and simulcast and live racing are manifold. Overall, Harrah’s Philadelphia is a complete package, which includes gambling, a nice meal, and entertainment and is considered a good evening spending spot.

All levels of players are rewarded under the Total Rewards Program. In addition, total litheness is provided under it. Furthermore, the players are also in high regard of the expediency of the Caesars Priority Total Touch System. The system is helpful to the players in ensuring their account balance of Total Rewards and cash in free play and other offers at once as and when they wish to.

We totally understand that the missing facility of the hotel at the Harrah’s cannot be ignored. However, what makes the casino stand out from the rest is its location. It is very near to Philadelphia. It is to be noted that a conclusion is made based on both positives and negatives. And, for Harrah’s we are of the view that the pluses are no doubt more than the minuses.

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