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How would you like to get a lottery ticket in the comfort of your own home, for FREE without having to mission on down to the store? Sounds good?

That’s what Pete Sullivan thought as a young kid when his father would annoy him with delays and trips to the store when he just wanted to play ball with his old man. A few years to maturity and two years of dedicated development later, and his idea is a reality!

Pete, a newby on the development and gaming scene, and his team developed the Jackpocket app for buying lottery tickets via mobile phones for free in the past year.

The 10,000 people who have already won over $45,000 using the Jackpocket app certainly seem to think that it was a superb idea, and reviews from users have been extremely positive.

How does Jackpocket work?

The methodology is deceptively simple:

Jackpocket obtain lottery tickets from vendors - reputedly from Mitchlapel LLC in New York State - and scan them onto their system. You then purchase one of these tickets online. You will receive an image of the front and back of the physical ticket to verify its authenticity. Quick pics and your own favourite numbers are available via the app.

Six lottery games are available and you will also note some advertising on the platform to make up the cost of running the app. In NY, those are US Powerball, Mega Millions and New York State Lotto, and via Facebook, you may also see advertising for Cash For Life and Pick 5.

Jackpocket derive their 7% fee from the vendor, and not from you, the user. They also appear to have an association with Facebook from which you can play in a syndicate. This appears to be an exclusive arrangement with Facebook as we don’t currently see it on any other social media platform.

There is also a feature where you get to make automatic subscriptions following your first payment, which is quite nifty.

Jackpocket Promos and Bonuses

Other positive reasons for signing up include earning credits on Jackpocket referral program and earning credits for non-withdrawal. Promotional codes which are linked to credits can be used for games or buying more tickets.

Invite Your Friends To Get Jackpocket Rewards:

Ask your friends to join the pool party and get five free entries ($10 in credits) after they place their first order.

Jackpocket Lottery Pools

Play the lottery as a team on the Jackpocket app. Jackpocket Lottery Pools allow you to play the lottery with fellow Jackpocket players, including friends and strangers. Everyone that adds their ticket to the pool, splits the winnings.

This is a great way to increase your chance to win. Jackpocket Lottery Pools have cleared 3,000  players. This increases your odds of winning significantly.

Jackpocket wants to set the world record for biggest lottery pool in the world to win the jackpot.

How Jackpocket Lottery Pools Work

  1. Mega Millions and Powerball are both eligible for Jackpocket Lottery Pools. One ticket is the minimum for entry into a Mega Millions or Powerball pool.
  2. Anonymous entry. Only pool members can view the entries, but you can see how many people are in the pool at any time.
  3. After the drawing, see how much you won. Pool members split the winnings based on the prize-sharing agreement.

Jackpocket Autoplay Feature

Autoplay allows you to never miss a drawing. Here are some features:

  • Autoplay your favorite games:  Create an Autoplay of your favorite games such as Lucky for Life, and you’ll be entered in the drawing every Monday and Thursday.
  • Autoplay big jackpots: Set a minimum jackpot to play for Powerball and Mega Millions, and your Autoplay will automatically when the jackpot reaches that amount.
  • Autoplay your lucky numbers: Use Autoplay to designate your lucky numbers so they are used each time you enter a drawing.

Where Is Jackpocket?

Currently available in New York, Jackpocket continues to move forward with plans to release the app in California in 2019.

An app demonstration was held in Texas, but it has not yet gone live there and it’s unclear what the status will be in that state for the foreseeable future in terms of local legislation.

Meanwhile in Minnesota, Jackpocket are entangled in fierce resistance from anti-gambling activists and legislators who are disputing the legality of the service agreed with the Minnesota State Lottery. State Representative, Greg Davids says that he believes that the app violates local law in spite of Jackpocket having concluded a memorandum of understanding with the Minnesota State Lottery.

This isn’t the first time that the state lottery find itself in conflict with the legislature. Just 3 years ago in 2015, they were disputing their right to use ATM’s and online services for lottery sales.

Minnesota State Lottery cite statutes permitting “a ‘lottery service business’ ... which for a fee or commission purchases lottery tickets on behalf of customers or subscribers” as justifying their position in affording Jackpocket their co-operation in the state.

Meanwhile, House Taxes Committee chairman, Mr Davids is adamant that the app violates state regulations. According to him, the law states that games ought be sold on the premises of the re-seller as per the agreed vendor contract; and that the service should be paid for in cash or similar. David claims that his other concerns are the sharing of banking details with a small company who doesn’t have a solid reputation or track record; and the potential addictive abuse of the service by users.

What the state appears not to be bearing in mind is that state lotteries in general are under siege from private online gambling concerns and a wave of legalised betting at casinos, putting them at a disadvantage, and accordingly, a loss of taxes. In Minnesota, state income from the lottery fell by a significant $29 million in the past year alone. One would think that this stark reality would be enough to make conservative voices reconsider their position, but apparently not.

Pete Sullivan, Jackpocket CEO has meanwhile said, “We’ve had an open and great conversation with the Minnesota Lottery” and that he hoped to “make sure the lottery was comfortable” with the test process which they had initiated.

It will be interesting to see how this unfolds for Jackpocket as we head toward 2019 and legalized online gaming continues spreading across the country.

JackPocket User Protections

Introducing Jackpocket Ticket Lock

The Jackpocket “Ticket Lock” is a Jackpocket app feature that ties a player’s physical ticket to their personal identity , making them the sole and rightful owner.

How Ticket Lock Works:

  • Jackpocket purchases a ticket on a player’s behalf, scanning the ticket into the Jackpocket system.
  • An email is sent to the player with the ticket information, including: owner’s name, date of birth, ticket serial number and numbers selected.
  • Once the ticket is processed, players can see the scan of their actual paper ticket in the Jackpocket app.
  • The barcode on the ticket image is watermarked with the player’s name while the serial number remains visible.
  • Original paper tickets are locked in a fireproof safe and can only be claimed with a government-issued ID and signature.

Jackpocket Player Identity and Data Protection

When it comes to the protection of players’ identities, technology allows Jackpocket to take things one step further:

  • Jackpocket exercises SSL Encryption and PCI Compliance to ensure secure transmission of all user data.
  • Jackpocket does not store personal financial information.
  • Identity thieves are thwarted by the requirement of a government photo ID in claiming prizes.
  • Jackpocket offers players the option to scan their ID to make the upfront verification process even more secure.
  • Jackpocket validates the geo-coordinates of a player’s device for every order ensuring it is within state boundaries.
  • Player limits: Jackpocket enforces a daily deposit limit and spending limit for all players. Limits can be made lower by the player.
  • Self-exclusion: Our self-exclusion feature lets players ban themselves from using the app for specific periods of time. During this period, they’re not able to buy more credits or place orders, and any Autoplays are deactivated.
  • Player protections: Jackpocket flags changes in a player’s behavior that could be signs of an abusive play pattern.
  • Support: Jackpocket provides access to the National Council on Problem Gambling hotline for those who need extra help.

Jackpocket Lottery App Promo Codes

Jackpocket Lottery App Bonus- $3 Off First Lottery Order Mobile App

The app is available for iOS and Android - although for the Android version you need to obtain it from Jackpocket directly, as the Play Store does not permit gambling apps on their platform.

Be wary that this app verifies your location via GPS as one of the registration requirements to ensure that you are a resident in a state which has legislated for the service; so cheating the process from unqualified locations is virtually impossible.

The app is also said to be well tested against attempted security breaches, which is extremely important since your identity and banking details are held for registration purposes.

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Jackpocket Lottery App Bonus- $3 Off First Lottery Order Deposit Methods

A daily limit of $100 a day applies on the app.

Credits of $600 or less will be available in your account for direct withdrawal to your bank (at a cost of 5%). Amounts above that will necessitate obtaining the actual ticket from Jackpocket for claiming your winnings from the New York Lottery offices.

Jackpocket Lottery App Bonus- $3 Off First Lottery Order Customer Support

We found the customer service to be great on this little app. Our inquiry received an email response within moments giving us a ticket number, and a few minutes later we received a call from a support agent who was super efficient and knowledgeable. The customer support service is available 24 hours a day.

Jackpocket Lottery App Platform Information

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