Oregon Sports Betting - Best Sportsbooks In OR

Oregon is one of the many states that has gotten its feet wet in the sports betting industry.

Legalized gambling in the Beaver State is overseen by the state lottery and as it stands now, there is only one application to use.

It should be noted that Governor Kate Brown supports a bill that would opt for a different model and allow more competition inside the state. This brings the promise of a greater variety of betting operators to Oregonians.

Let’s talk some more about mobile sports betting in Oregon.

Can I Bet On Sports Online In Oregon?

Yes! It is legal to bet on sports online in Oregon. The state lottery presides over all of Oregon’s sports betting activities and launched the state’s only online betting platform, the Scoreboard app, in 2019.

Where Can I Place A Bet In Oregon?

Using the Scoreboard app, you can place a bet on sports in Oregon from the convenience of your desired location, just as long as you’re still within the boundaries of the state. The Scoreboard app incompatible with both iOS and Android platforms as well as a desktop computer.

Outside of the online platform, in-person betting is also available at a few select tribal casinos, while lottery games and keno are available at multiple locations.

Oregon Online Sportsbook List

How Do Sports Betting Signup Offers Work?

If you’re new to a betting site or are looking to sign up for one, you could be in line to receive a signup offer, also called a welcome bonus. This is essentially a reward given by sportsbooks to new customers for creating an account, and it’s a great thing to capitalize on.

These offers are not as common in states where the lottery runs sports betting, as the lack of competition creates little need for these incentives. But with a more competitive model, welcome bonuses are a staple in the sportsbook portfolio.

The bonus helps put bettors ahead of the game from the very beginning, and they are also useful if you want to get a feel of an online sportsbook without investing too much into it at first. There are generally three different types of signup offers that you will come across, and each is generous in its own way. We’ll detail all of them below.

First Deposit Offer

A first deposit offer also called a deposit match, is perhaps the common signup offer that you will come across. This offer involves the betting site matching the initial investment a percentage of the way in site credit up to a certain amount.

This means if you deposit $100, you receive an extra $100 and have $200 to wager with. A $250 investment will garner an extra $250, resulting in $500 overall. It’s truly one of the best deals a bettor can receive.

The exact percentage will vary between sportsbooks, but many sites are known to offer a 100% match for the first deposit. The maximum amount of a deposit match is also depending on the site you choose, but it can range from $250 to $1,000.

There could be wagering requirements attached to a first deposit offer, so be sure to check any terms and conditions before completing the signup process.

No Deposit Offer

Free money is always a good thing, and it is basically what a no deposit offer means. You don’t have to deposit any amount to unlock this bonus, as the sportsbook will credit your account with the amount offered as soon as you finish signing up for the site.

This offer is great for newer bettors who want to first gauge a sportsbook before committing financially. We should note that such an offer can be hard to find, however, so it can be a good thing to jump on when you see a sportsbook with this type of offer.

To withdraw any winnings earned from a no deposit offer, you need to first meet the betting conditions that accompany the offer. Again, such conditions vary from one sportsbook to the next, so the best thing is to always read the terms on the site that is advertising the offer.

How To Sign Up For A Sports Betting Site?

Since there are several choices, always be aware of what each one is offering as a welcome bonus. Once you do, it’s time to complete the registration process to claim the bonus and get started betting. There are several different ways to reach the signup page including:

  • Choose among the available sportsbooks and click the ‘Get Bonus’ button next to the site of your choice. You will be directed to the registration page.
  • Click on one of the sportsbook links we have around the site. This will also redirect you to the signup page to begin registration.
  • Bettors can also visit the sportsbook website themselves and begin the signup process but remember to have one of our promo codes in-hand to make sure you receive a bonus.

Once you’ve reached the signup page, however, you’ve gotten there, you’re only a few minutes away from being able to wager. Follow these steps to complete the process:

  • Once you reach the registration page, key in all the essential info (name, email, address, upload photo ID, etc.) in the designated spaces.
  • If you got to the sportsbook’s website on your own (without any of our links or widgets) this is where you can key in one of our promo codes. This will guarantee that you receive your bonus after you’re done with registration.
  • After going through all terms of service, agree to everything and press ‘submit’ or ‘enter’. The registration process will be completed and your bonus will be immediately triggered.
  • An email with all the information you entered will be sent to you for future reference.
  • Next, find the deposit button. Choose your preferred banking method and the amount you wish to enter.
  • The amount deposited will instantly appear in your new betting account. If receiving a first deposit bonus, that will also be visible in your account.
  • Now you can start placing bets.

How To Fund Your Betting Account

One of the benefits of betting online is that making financial transactions is a smooth and simple endeavor. Whether you’re taking money out of your account or putting money in, the process takes just a few moments once you’re all set up. Below, we’ll detail exactly how to deposit and withdraw.

Sportsbook Deposit Process

Regardless of which method you choose (and there are many), bettors can have their accounts funded within a matter of moments:

  • Find and click the ‘deposit’ or ‘add funds’ button.
  • Pick the banking method that you prefer to use and type in the amount you wish to deposit.
  • If using eWallets such as Skrill and PayPal, you will be required to enter your username and password to link your accounts.
  • The site will verify that the process is complete and the amount deposited will immediately reflect in your account balance.
  • The details of every deposit will also be sent to you via confirmation email.

Sportsbook Withdrawal Process

When the time comes to take funds out of your account, things are just as easy. Withdrawals take a bit more time to process, but getting things started only takes a couple of minutes. Follow these steps:

  • Look for a withdrawal button on your sportsbook’s app or website, which might be found under the ‘Account’ tab.
  • Choose your desired withdrawal method and enter the amount you wish to take out.
  • For eWallets like skrill and PayPal, you may receive a prompt to key in your password as you do with deposits.
  • Your account’s balance will now reflect the most recent transaction and you will be sent a confirmation email for the withdrawal.

Online Sportsbook Payment Options

More good for online sports bettors is that all online sportsbooks have a wide variety of banking options. So whatever payment method you prefer, chances are that most sportsbooks accept that payment option. The most common modes of payment are detailed below.

Credit Cards

Since credit cards are the most common payment method across the country, it’s no surprise that they’re popular at online sportsbooks.

Depositing using credit cards is instant and there are no fees attached. Major brands such as Mastercard, Discover, Visa, and Amex are all accepted by most betting sites. Keep in mind that credit cards cannot be used to process withdrawals.

Debit Cards

Debit cards are also wildly popular options for online sports betting, and it’s virtually the same as using a credit card. Deposits are instant, there are no fees, and it can’t be used to make withdrawals. Major brands including Mastercard, Discover, Visa, and Amex are all widely accepted.

Prepaid Cards

If you’d rather not share any personal financial information, prepaid cards might be for you. They work similarly to debit cards and are accepted at many sportsbooks. The differences are that a transaction fee could apply and you will need to actively make sure there is enough money on the card to use for deposits. They are not accepted as withdrawal options.

Play Plus

A Play+ prepaid card, a reloadable prepaid card from Discover, is another great alternative. Deposits made via these cards are instant, and, unlike credit and debit cards, Play+ cards can also be used for withdrawals.

There are no fees to make sportsbook transactions this way but if withdrawing from a Play+ card at an ATM, there could be fees attached. Many sportsbooks have their own site-branded Play+ card so if you’re into using one specific sportsbook, this is worth checking out.


Another option for those who want to keep their banking information private is using an eWallet, and PayPal is the most famous of them all. PayPal can be used as a secure and efficient intermediary between your sportsbook account and your bank account.

There are so many reasons to love PayPal starting with the fact that there are no fees. Deposits are instant and withdrawals take 24 to 48 hours, although many transactions process within a day.

In order to use PayPal as a withdrawal option, you must use it for deposits, but that is usually no issue for bettors. Nearly all sportsbooks accept PayPal and this is one of the highest recommended methods there is.


Skrill is also an eWallet that works in a similar way to PayPal. Deposits are instant and withdrawals take between a day or two, and there are no fees attached. Like PayPal, you can only use Skrill to withdraw money if you used it as a deposit method in the past. The two differ in that Skrill is not as widely accepted and may not be an option at some sportsbooks.


If you want to bet online but prefer to deal in cash, PayNearMe is for you. If the site you’re using has it as a listed option, it will offer you a barcode for a voucher to take to your nearest participating location (CVS, 7-Eleven, Family Dollar).

After scanning the barcode, you will be able to pay for the deposit in cash and the money will reach your account within 30 minutes. Each transaction using this method attracts a fee of around $5.99 and this is a method only for deposits.


ACH/eChecks are just like bank transfers. This is an option that uses an Automated Clearing House to move money from your bank account to your online sportsbook account.

It enables direct debit transactions and is entirely secure, but it does take things a bit longer to process. There are some sites that do not accept this method but for the ones that do, deposits are instant and withdrawals can take 24 hours to several days.

Check By Mail

If you are patient enough, you can choose to have your winnings mailed to you in the form of a check. There are no withdrawal fees involved, but you may have to wait seven days to two weeks for you to receive your winnings.

Cash At The Casino Cage

Some sportsbooks have partnerships with land-based casinos. This allows the partnered casinos to operate as extensions of those online sportsbooks. So bettors who win large but want to collect their winnings in person can visit the casino’s cashier cage.

Since this method has no fees attached, it can be a good alternative for bettors who reside close to the casino and want to get their cash instantly.

Sports Betting Apps

Online sports betting has spread rapidly across the country and it’s easy to see why. Mobile wagering offers many advantages over a land-based alternative, starting with the convenience of using an application from a location of your choice.

Betting on sports has never been easier or more exciting thanks to mobile betting apps, as any bet you can think of is available at the click of a button. There is no sacrifice when online sports betting apps, as you gain access to all the same markets that are available on desktop.

Any wager you could possibly want is virtually a click away and regardless of your mobile device, you can access apps with relative ease.

Can I Bet On Sports With My iPhone or other iOS devices?

Yes! Your iPhone or iOS device can be used to place bets on sports.

Can I Bet On Sports With My Android Phone or Tablet?

Yes! Your android phone or tablet can be used to place bets on sports.

How To Download Sportsbook Apps On iPhone

For you to be able to bet on your iPhone or iOS device, you first have to download your sportsbook’s app on your phone. This is an easy process if you follow these steps:

  • Visit the App Store and search for the sportsbook of your choice.
  • Download the app and wait for it to install
  • Either complete the registration process or if you already have signed up, just enter your email and password.

How To Download Sportsbook Apps On Android

If you’re using an Android device, you won’t be able to directly download sports betting apps from the Google Play Store. Still, the process of gaining access to betting apps is a simple one.

  • Use an internet browser to go to the desired sportsbook’s homepage. Once there, search for the ‘Download for Android’ option, which should be at the very bottom of the page.
  • Click on the widget and download the app as an apk file.
  • After the apk file finishes downloading, you need to initiate app installation. Your android device will prompt you to a setting that asks you whether you wish to install apps from unknown sources. You need to accept this setting so that the downloaded file can be installed.
  • Once the setting has been changed, the application will start downloading. The app will be visible on your menu when the installation completes.

Which Sports Can I Bet On In Oregon

Sportsbooks aim to give bettors a wide variety of leagues and games to choose from. So most of the popular sports are covered by every site, some go out of their way to offer some niche sporting options. The options include but are not limited to:

  • Football ( NFL, NCAA)
  • Basketball (NBA, NCAA, & more)
  • Baseball (MLB)
  • Hockey (NHL, KHL, & more)
  • Golf (PGA, LPGA, European Tour)
  • Soccer (EPL, Serie A, Bundesliga, MLS, & more)
  • Boxing/MMA
  • Motorsports (NASCAR, Formula 1)
  • Tennis (ATP, WTA)

Can I Bet On Oregon College Teams?

You cannot bet on Oregon college teams on the state-run sportsbook. Additionally, no collegiate events of any kind can be bet on in Oregon, unless you visit one of the tribal casinos with a retail sportsbook within the state.

Land Based Sportsbooks vs. Online Sportsbooks

The sports betting industry has rapidly shifted in the past few years. Land-based casinos used to be the only legal option for bettors but now, the online platform has taken over in many states.

There are many reasons for this, including the aforementioned convenience that online wagering offers. Betting from a location of your choice will always be preferred over driving to a casino and waiting in line to place bets. Here are some other reasons why mobile betting is preferred:

  • Wager from any in-state location
  • Welcome bonuses and ongoing promotions
  • Many banking options to choose from
  • More betting markets
  • Live betting is much easier

Once you add up all the advantages that come with doing things online, there really is no contest between the two.

Legal Sports Betting vs. Illegal Offshore Sports Betting

Offshore sports betting sites became common in the time before the Supreme Court gave states the freedom to legalize sports betting. This is because those offshore sites knew that people who wanted to place bets had no other alternative.

Offshore sites purposely operate in other countries (mainly the Caribbean) to skirt the rules that legal sportsbooks must abide by. There is no regulation or governing body, and this can lead to bettors getting sub-par service or even scammed.

Bettors also need to understand that their personal and banking information is at risk on these sites, and they may not even be able to use cards issued by their banks to deposit. Here are some of the many issues with offshore sites compared to regulated online sportsbooks:

  • No bonuses or promotions
  • Very few withdrawal options. Some might even force you to withdraw using cryptocurrency.
  • A lot of banks restrict users from depositing to offshore sites. The few that accept such transactions will slap high fees on those deposits.
  • No customer service..
  • There isn’t a definite guarantee that you’ll receive your winnings.

Oregon Sports Betting Timeline

Oregon has always had a unique approach to sports betting. The state along with Montana, Nevada, and Delaware was exempt from the ’92 PASPA ruling and allowed a parlay-type of betting called sports action that was offered by the Oregon Lottery.

This form of betting was available from 1989 until 2007. When the NCAA issued the state with an ultimatum that threatened to withdraw collegiate championships, Oregon abandoned all forms of sports betting.

Then in 2018, after the SCOTUS effectively gave states the freedom to pursue sports gambling, Oregon slowly began to bring sports wagering back. The first Tribal Casino with a retail sportsbook was opened in the state in August 2019, and the state-run online sportsbook, The Scoreboard, was opened two months later.

Currently, a proposed bill, HB 2127, has received support from Gov. Kate Brown. The bill seeks to change the state-run gambling system in place and proposes a model that would allow other sportsbooks to operate within the state. Additionally, the Oregon Racing Commission would be in charge of the state’s sports betting affairs under the proposed legislation.

Oregon Sports Betting Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Have To Live In Oregon To Bet Online?

You do not have to be a resident of Oregon to bet online but you need to be inside the borders of the state. Sportsbooks use geo-tracking features to ensure bettors are located in a legal area to place wagers.

Can I Win Real Money At An Oregon Sportsbook?

Yes! You can win real money at an Oregon sportsbook. After you have placed a bet and won, just withdraw the money to collect your winnings.

What Is The Legal Gambling Age In Oregon?

To bet using the scoreboard app in Oregon, you have to be 21 years old. The age restriction in casinos varies, with some stating a minimum age of 18 and others quoting 21 as the minimum age. To play lottery games, however, a person needs to be at least 18 years old.

Are Oregon Online Sportsbooks Safe?

Yes! Oregon online sportsbooks are already safe and will be under any model. If more sportsbooks are allowed in the state, operations will likely be overseen by the Oregon Gaming Commission.

What Is A Sports Betting Handle?

A sports betting handle, commonly known as the handle in the betting world, is the total money taken in on wagers. The handle is calculated by a sportsbook and can be for a specific sport, season, or period of time.