Passport to Riches! NJ Casinos will want THIS banned when they find it.

May 10th, 2017. Online Casino Bonus Seeker.

Do you ever dream of being able to fly away to the Bahamas for the weekend?  How about wine tasting in Italy?  Yeah, who doesn’t?!  If you're hoping to spin a slot one time and see six or seven figures, you're a real dreamer - but hey, that's what makes it so exciting after all isn't it?  Well I'm here to talk to you dreamers - do you know that if you play certain games, you couldn't even win $35,000 if you bet the MAX amount?  

That's how the casinos get you - garbage jackpots on tons of games.  Of course, no one is every guaranteed to win playing slots or table games at a casino, but only a few slots can win you millions - and I'll tell you exactly where to play the huge max jackpot amounts!

On August 14, 2016 a woman from NJ won $101,725.00 on a single slot spin of Kitty Glitter.  Wow.  

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If you want to hit a million-dollar jackpot, you have to play games with large max win amounts.  A man from Union County, NJ did just that - he won $1,522,000 playing Let it Ride online.  He put down $500 for each of his three initial bets, as well as the 3 Card Bonus, and cashed in when a Royal Flush was dealt in diamonds. Since he Let It Ride and played the 3 Card Bonus bet, he earned a 1,000-to-1 payout on each of his three $500 initial bets and an additional 40-to-1 on his $500 3 Card Bonus bet for a Straight Flush – yielding a total payout of $1,522,000.  It is possible for anyone +21 in New Jersey to win big like this, but only if you bet the right way on the right games.  

Some games will just never pay out more than $20,000, so it’s important to understand exactly how every game that you play works.  Results not guaranteed if you bet that way on Let it Ride, obviously, I’m just explaining how the rules of that game work.  If fact, Let it Ride isn’t even on our recommend list, so don’t bother play it. (See our list of recommended games below). This is what the hand he played was like:

let it ride jackpot winner

So, where do you have a chance to win millions on the max bets?  Here are the biggest single spin jackpots that we could find at legal online casinos in New Jersey.

The Highest Paying Online Casino Games in NJ

One casino has all seven of these games, and if you want to get the most chances to win you need to claim a huge first deposit bonus.  You can actually get up to $1,000 FREE when you signup and deposit at some online casinos.  FREE money equals more spins and chances to win for you! Claim $1,000 FREE OFFER HERE: CLICK HERE Have fun, and always play safely!  



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