People in NJ Aren't Winning Big Jackpots for 2 Obvious Reasons

It's impossible to guarantee a win, but there is a strategy to get the most chances to win for the smallest amount of money. Must be over 21 to continue.

Here are the problems & how you solve them:

1.) They only use the free play they get for signing up, and
2.) They play the wrong games.
In order to get more chances to win than anyone else, with spending the least, you HAVE to know more than they do about NBDs, FDBs, RBs, and RTP. If you have 3 minutes to read this page, you'll learn exactly how you get 95x more free chances to win million-dollar jackpots than most gamblers. Good luck!

BonusSeeker First Deposit Bonus Waterfall Strategy: Here's Exactly How To Do It

Sample Scenario
  • You have $1,000 to deposit today
  • You have $300 to deposit per month ahead
  • You want to play online slots, blackjack, slingo, or video poker
First - You need to join an online casino that has a huge FDB (First-Deposit Bonus) and max out that bonus. has the largest FDB in New Jersey, and the code is only on this webpage. Use Promo Code WIN2000, you'll be able to get your deposit matched at 100%, up to $2,000 in freeplay. Don't deposit all of your money at Resorts; out of $1,000, put no more than $500 here and we'll tell you what to do with the rest.
So far today
Out of pocket = $500
Free Play = $1,000
Total Balance to Play = $1,500
Remaining Amount You Want to Deposit = $500

Here's What Most People Miss

Second - You might think that you should stop there, but actually you need to set yourself up to get "subsequent deposit promos" specifically Reload Bonuses later this month and in every month in the future. In order to get on these lists, you need to have signed up and deposited at several online casinos. Here is the next casino you need to signup for today, and deposit your remaining $500
There's one other online casino with a huge 200% FDB (First-Deposit Bonus) that you can max out right now, and by doing this today, you'll be able to get extra reload bonuses next month. You can max out the FDB if you Use Promo Code WIN2000, when you signup on THIS LINK. Make your first deposit with code WIN2000 and you'll get 200% bonus up to $2,000.
Don't depoist more than $400 here. Keep reading to see where to put the last $100 to make sure you're setup for a lot of bonus offers next month.
So far today
Out of pocket = $900
Free Play = $1,800 ($1,000 Resorts & $800 Mohegan)
Total Balance to Play = $2,700
Remaining Amount You Want to Deposit = $100
BONUS TIP - "Low Variance" slots pay out wins more frequently, but generally at lower multiples. "High Variance" slots pay out less frequently, but at larger multiples of the staked bet. Both Low and High variance slots can have large max jackpot amounts, and RTPs (amount of money "Returned to Players") in the same 92%-97% range.

Almost Nobody Knows to Do THIS on Day 1

Third - Get even MORE promos in your inbox in 30 days by joining a 3rd site today. The next online casino to join and deposit your $100 remaining should be one which also has Poker tables, which Resorts and Mohegan do not have. We recommend that you join PokerStars Online Casino:
Click here to signup at PokerStars and then make your first deposit and you will get 100% match up to $600. Since you only have $100 left, you'll have a starting balance of $200.
So far today
Out of pocket = $1,000
Free Play = $1,900
Total Balance to Play = $2,900
Amount out of pocket today remaining = $0
Additional Benefits = Deposit Reload Bonuses coming next month from up to 3 online casinos
So to recap, right now, you are able to get $1,900 in FREE play you can use for a chance to win millions. Do you know anyone who has deposited $1,000 and gotten an additional $1,900 in Free play? Most people in New Jersey only get $20 free, so you could get 95x more chances to win than they do if you follow the Bonusseeker FDB Waterfall Strategy

NJ Online Casino Free Money - It's at Your Fingertips 

$10-$20 in free spins + the wrong games = 0 chance
Most slots only pay out wins of over $10,000 on spins with a $100-$300 bet. That's why the free spin bonuses of $10-$20 will never pay out millions. There are only a few games that pay out over $10k on spins of under $5. See below for the list of games with high jackpot multipliers at the end.
For example, since you have $1,900 free play you actually have enough free money to bet the max jackpot on Pyramids: Quest for Immortality, which gives you a chance to win $7,200,000. Free Spin players think they have shot, but it's completely impossible to win millions on bets of $.01-$20 on real slots!


NJ Online Slots Max Jackpot Play Now
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Cleopatra Plus Slots $253,230 Join & Play Now
Guns 'N Roses Video Slots $450,000 Join & Play Now
Flowers Slots $2,250,000 Join & Play Now
Pyramids: Quest for Immortality $7,200,000 Join & Play Now
Warlords: Crystals of Power Slots $102,335 Join & Play Now
Motörhead Video Slots $120,942.59 Join & Play Now
Secrets of Atlantis Slots $339,487.99 Join & Play Now


Now You're a BonusSeeker (n.) - A person who knows how to hack the casino first-deposit bonuses!

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