Three Moms Win $15,531.48. All They Did Was THIS...Unbelievable!

By Anthony Bianco for New Jersey Online Casino BONUS SEEKER, February 11th, 2016. Advertorial

If you're like most people, you have trouble winning consistently at online gaming. Still, you know there are players whose skills earn them a good living online, especially on sites offering convenient mobile phone play. What do these 3 moms know that you don't?  See Lorraine, Tara, and Laura's stories.

Even one tip could be the difference between a big win and and empty balace. Well we have five helpful tips for you today, that show you how to find the big jackpots to play and how to get the most free cash, so read on.

TIP 1: A progressive jackpot could make you a millionaire!

Yes, it’s true! Look for a progressive jackpot slot like the ones at the bottom of this article. When you max bet on any of these games you are playing for a chance to win the jackpot which is regularly over $1m. Most online slots only have a max payout of less than $50,000, but most progressives have HUGE jackpots. Recently a player won $4.4 million playing Mega Fortune on his computer. He bet just $1 on his spin! The largest ever progressive jackpot won online was for $15,143,600 on January 20th, 2013 by a 47 year old woman from Finland.

TIP 2: ONLY a few sites are legal in the US

The State of New Jersey recently legalized and regulated online casinos and gaming. Only a handful of sites have passed the rigorous testing process and are considered safe and trusted by the US government. Resorts Casino was one of the first in the US and is widely considered the fastest paying out gaming site with winnings taking just 24 hours to appear in your bank account. The have over 160 casino games including some with the highest payouts in the industry (see those games below so you know which to play).Make sure you play on a 100% legal, US regulated site only and you know your deposits are 100% safe and you will get your winnings paid in cash very quickly.

Tip 3: Find & Play a high variance Slot Machine. You can WIN LARGER JACKPOTS

Slots are a game of luck. The Variance is the technical term in the gambling world that is used to determine how frequently a game triggers a win to player. The lower the variance, the more frequently people can win, but the less the win amount. And it's by a LOT less.

The high variance online slot machines like Gorilla Go Wild and Kitty Glitter are the games that will pay out much larger amounts of money but the wins will of course happen less frequently. You need to make sure that you play these slots, and bet larger amounts when you play them because then you'll be in the right place at the right time for a MASSIVE win. If you do get a nice win that you are happy with, you should STOP playing that slot and move on to play a different game. Play the odds the best you can!

 TIP 4: Don't be nervous about all of the signup questions.

100% Legal online casinos like Resorts Casino. Are required by the New Jersey government to

1.) Prove that you the player are a US resident,

2.) Prove that you are over 21, and

3.) Prove that you are actually in New Jersey.

The way that the government requires them to check this is by have you enter your First Name, Last Name, Email, Home Address, Phone Number, and Social Security Number (last 4).

Basically, once you enter that information, the government quickly checks to make sure you are legal, just like getting IDed at a bar, or to buy cigarettes. Don't be nervous, your information is safe if you only play on legal sites like Resorts Casino.

TIP 5: TAKE ADVANTAGE OF A “First deposit bonus” (Use our special BONUS CODE: PLAYNOW)

Online slots sites sometimes offer a First Deposit Bonus. Some are larger than others and some can only be used on certain games. We reached out to Resorts Casino and secured a free $1,000 Deposit Bonus for our readers! It is an amazing promotion will certainly not last forever so take advantage today and Good Luck! SECRET BONUS CODE for $1,000 FREE: Enter "PLAYNOW" when you signup, and then make your first deposit and follow the instructions.

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Article Written by a Slots Player, NJ.

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