How To Bet On Golf

How To Bet On Golf Online - Golf Betting 101

Golf betting online has become more and more popular in recent years, making it one of the more commonly-wagered on sports in the United States. Now, the rise of legal sports is opening the door to the sport receiving even more popularity and drawing in even more sports betting revenue.

Despite much being written of golf's decline in the United States over recent years, the sport is still enjoyed by 25 million Americans annually. Televised golf has never gotten higher ratings and professional tournaments have never had more spectators. Once seen as a niche sport, golf now finds itself more part of the mainstream than ever before and having the ability to live bet golf adds another layer of enjoyment. 

One of the things that make online golf betting attractive to many players at the best sports betting sites in NJ is the fact that it can be profitable. Most of this is due to the fact that many golf futures provide large payouts. If one is able to diagnose sports betting value and use a logical golf betting strategy to make predictions, it's entirely possible to come out a winner. There are also a growing number of markets that make actually winning on golf wagering easier.

Before getting started with go, there is plenty to learn. Luckily, BonusSeeker is here to break down how it works, the different tournaments and markets to choose from and providing some free golf betting tips and strategies.

What Is The PGA Tour?

Golf is different than most mainstream sports in that it's an individual game with events on the Professional Golfers Association (PGA) Tour that encompass four days of competition beginning on Thursday. The PGA Tour is the premier professional golf league in the world and the primary source of golf betting online, especially in the United States. Each season, it is packed with the best players from all over the world and most events are played on U.S. soil while several are played abroad as well.

Most of the world's top golfers flock toward the PGA Tour for two main reasons: It offers the most prize money of any professional golf tour as well as the most possible points toward an official world golf ranking.

PGA Tour Schedule Provides Plenty Of Golf Betting Online Options

Golf odds are provided by the best NJ sportsbooks for all events on the PGA Tour, which has a nearly year-round schedule littered with options for those wanting to make golf betting predictions. Professionals are required to take part in a certain number of tournaments throughout the season, so not all players are present at each four-day event.

When it comes to the yearly majors, however, you can be sure the best in the world will be taking part and competing for one of the sport's ultimate honors. Below are the four golf majors for each year, known for being career-defining, prestigious events to win, including the month and course in which they are played in 2019.

  • The Masters (April at Augusta National Golf Club)
  • PGA Championship (May at Bethpage Black Course)
  • U.S. Open (June at Pebble Beach Golf Links)
  • The Open Championship (July at Royal Portrush Golf Club)

Despite there only being four major events, there are plenty of other tournaments that are held in high regard and feature nearly all the best professional players in the world as sports betting options to finish atop the PGA Tour leaderboard. Here are some of the additional annual PGA Tournament schedule highlights:

  • The Players Championship
  • The Memorial Tournament
  • Arnold Palmer Invitational
  • WGC-Dell Match Play
  • WGC-FedEx St. Jude Invitational
  • The Northern Trust*
  • BMW Championship*
  • Tour Championship*

    *Notes PGA Tour playoff event

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How To Bet On Golf

Before you tee off, it's important to understand how it all works. When making futures picks while golf betting online, most are wagers on which golfer will win a given tournament before it begins. These wagers are made prior to the beginning of the four-day tournament and each golfer in the field is assigned odds to win that tournament by bookmakers, which will determine the payout for each player. Think of it like you're answering 'yes' to the oddsmakers asking 'will this player win?’

PGA Championship Odds Example on 888 Sportsbook

For example, let's take a look at 888 Sportsbook odds for the 2019 PGA Championship. Dustin Johnson and Justin Rose share the honors for the odds-on favorite at +1000 (or 10/1). This means a $100 bet on either of those players would win $1,000. At +1200 (12/1 odds), a $100 bet on Rory McIlroy winning the tournament would garner a $1,200 payout.

The further you move down the list of competitors, the large the odds and payouts become. Since some 2019 PGA Tour events can have up to 156 participants, there are quite a few sports betting options to choose from.

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Golf Betting Odds Explained

Wagering on the outright winner of a tournament is by far the most popular option for NJ sports betting players looking to make golf picks. There are, however, other types of wagers commonly placed ahead of events on the PGA Tour schedule.

The other common golf betting types are generally made on the following categories:

  • Outright Winner
  • Top 5 Finish
  • Top 10 Finish
  • Top 20 Finish
  • Matchup Winner
  • Group Winner

Due to the size of most tournament fields and the amount of upper-tier players competing, making golf predictions isn't an easy thing to do. Choosing a golfer to finish in the top five, 10 or 20 increases the margin for error when making golf betting picks. The odds are less favorable, of course, but this option doesn't force your selection to win the entire tournament.

For all its difficulty, golf betting has the potential to be quite profitable.

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Free Golf Betting Tips

Correctly picking winners is never easy, and it's even more difficult to do without having any real idea of how to go about wagering on the sport. We're about to change that by giving you a few things to remember the next time you do some gambling on golf. 

Don't Be Afraid Of Golf Betting Predictions On Favorites

When learning how to bet on golf, understand that favorites are great options week in and week out. Unlike sports betting in some other sports, the nature of golf betting allows players to be profitable even if when picking the odds-on favorite. For that reason, our first free golf betting tip would be to not fade favorites because the payouts are less than some others.

Below is an example from SugarHouse Sportsbook that provides all four of these betting options for the Valero Texas Open. Despite being the odds-on favorite, Rickie Fowler is still an extremely profitable +1000 to win the tournament.

The Masters Golf Odds at SugarHouse Sportsbook

The odds get lower as Fowler moves down the PGA Tour leaderboard, but bettors still get decent prices for a top-five finish (+300) or even a top-10 finish (+150).

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Great Value In Longshots While Golf Betting Online

With so many golfers in the field, those first learning how to bet on golf will soon realize they have an abundance of options with high odds and incredible payouts. Whether you don't want to wager a huge amount of money or you just want to win big, there are plenty of longshot options with low odds to find themselves atop the PGA Tour leaderboard when the weekend is over. One thing to balance on a week-to-week basis is how deep into the field to look for a winner.

For example, there are several players at the bottom of the field with 2019 Masters odds at +200000. Sure you can make $2,000 for every dollar you bet, but a dollar may be all that bet is worth. A more reasonable longshot golf prediction strategy could land NJ sports betting players some of the most accomplished golfers in the game at extremely favorable odds.

Masters Odds at SugarHouse Sportsbook

For example, SugarHouse shows past major champions like Bubba Watson (+4000), Henrik Stenson (+6600) and Patrick Reed (+6600) as underdogs, with all three listed outside of the top 15 odds-on favorites.

They all have Masters betting odds that could pull in massive payouts with a win at Augusta and in this case, should be worth a look.

When it comes to choosing specific golfers to win most PGA Tour events, however, there are some factors to keep in mind. Check below for our free golf betting tips

Alternative Golf Betting Online Options

In addition to making picks on where a player will finish by the end of the tournament, there are additional markets with PGA Tour betting odds for those betting in New Jersey to take advantage of.

  • Head-to-Head Golf Betting Online

Head-to-head matchups pit one golfer against another golfer, rather than the entire field. Picking one player to win a tournament isn't exactly an easy thing to do, hence the high odds for doing so. Many NJ online sports betting players would rather take one golfer they're confident about against just one opponent, or pick against a specific player they feel isn't set up to have a strong tournament. Odds are much more reasonable in comparison to picking an outright winner of a PGA Tour event, but actually winning the bet becomes much easier.

Let's use a head-to-head matchup of Rory McIlroy (-150) vs. Tiger Woods (+130) as an example. If we select Woods, he only needs to finish in front of McIlroy only, regardless of where he winds up on the PGA Tour leaderboard to pay out $130 for $100 bet. On the other side, McIlroy just needs to defeat Woods as opposed to the entire field. At -150, NJ sports betting players would risk $150 to win $100 on this bet.

  • Head-to-Head Golf Betting By Round (Round 1 only, Round 2 only, etc.)

Forget having four rounds to decide a matchup, how about just one? In some cases, NJ sports betting online players can wager on a head-to-head matchup for just one round. The same rules apply as when betting the full tournament, only there is much less margin for error with just 18 holes to decide the bet. This is a very popular golf betting option that can make the tournament more interesting even when it isn't quite Sunday yet. Injuries, recent results and weather are things to take into consideration for head-to-head golf picks.

Golf Betting Online Props

Sports betting props in golf are wagers on whether or not an event will take place that isn't tied specifically to the result of the entire tournament. For example, let's take a look at one of the more interesting props available for The Masters 2019 on 888 Sport.

Golf Betting Props Example

888 Sportsbook app, Tiger Woods is the subject of several prop betting options. There are odds on whether Tiger will secure an Eagle during Round 2 of the tournament or on the 13th hole at some point. There are also golf odds on whether Woods will play in the final group on Sunday at Augusta. Props like these pay NJ sports betting players handsomely if they can identify which might be possible before the tournament begins.

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Courtesy of 888, some other potential golf betting props include:

  • Top Player In a Group
  • Top American Player
  • Top Continental European Player (can be country-specific)
  • Best 18-Hole Round For A Tournament
  • Tournament Winning Margin
  • Will There Be a Hole-In-One/Albatross

Rules For Golf Betting Predictions

  • The Course Matters

When making golf predictions on a PGA Tour event, it's a very good idea to find a golfer whose game matches the course. Every playing course is unique, and some golfers have a different playing style than others. Course layout is certainly one of the things that can set a golfer up for success (or lack thereof).

Bigger courses tend to favor players who hit the ball far while smaller courses or ones with many obstacles like sand and water may be more conducive to a player with great accuracy and finesse. Be sure to look into how a given golfer has performed in the past in that tournament and more importantly, at that golf course.

  • Look At Recent Results

Why select a golfer that hasn't been playing well in recent tournaments? Being aware of the current form of players can be extremely useful when it comes to making golf picks. When getting started, it would help to take into consideration which competitors are performing at the top of their game.

Many golfers are streaky over the course of an entire season and momentum can be real when it comes to building confidence. Golf picks should be made on players whose recent results would give them a reason to be confident heading into a given tournament.

  • Lean Toward Experience

It's always safer to go players who possess experience when making golf betting predictions, especially before major tournaments. This doesn't apply as much to majors, but it does to most general PGA Tour events.

There are so many golf betting options before a tournament, why go with a player that's never taken home a trophy before? Sure, every player with a PGA Tour win had to get his first at some point, but chances are so much better with a proven player. More specifically, look for a golfer with experience on that course as well if at all possible.

  • Consider Fading Golfers On Head-To-Head Picks

Making golf predictions can be overwhelming whether it's an outright winner futures bet or a head-to-head matchup. Head-to-head golf picks, however, are a great way to test knowledge and win money. Because it's so tough to pick outright winners, this is a very common way to bet on PGA Tour events.

It should be noted that it can be just as beneficial to figure out which golfers are in poor form as to know who is playing well going into a given tournament. Sometimes, the easiest wins when it comes to head-to-head golf betting picks are made as players are fading one golfer more so than endorsing another. Things like recent results and weather could play a huge role in deciding when and where to strike with head-to-head golf picks.

Fantasy Golf Betting Online Impacting NJ Sports Betting

It's widely believed that part of golf's growth in recent years can be attributed to the addition of fantasy golf to the DFS (daily fantasy sports) format, which has helped grow interest in the game from a sports betting perspective.

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Daily fantasy games for PGA Tour events are widely popular with daily fantasy sites such as DraftKings DFS and the FanDuel DFS, and it has definitely added to the allure of golf wagering for those who never had an opportunity to do so previously. Daily fantasy sports provided a foundation for players looking to take part in NJ sports betting online, and now more conventional golf betting is reaping some of those rewards as well. And of course, now players can make sports bets at DraftKings and FanDuel, going beyond DFS.

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Once NJ sports betting became legal, it was always going to be widespread in other major sports and leagues with the largest public followings like NFL/NCAA Football, NBA/NCAA basketball and even MLB baseball. In golf's case, the idea is that the added element of sports betting has helped spark an increase in the overall popularity of the sport along with its ever-growing mass of talented, marketable American-born players.

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