Sports Betting Sites That Accept PayPal

Sports Betting Sites That Accept PayPal

Online sports betting has become increasingly popular throughout the world, especially in the United States. The legalization of sports betting throughout the country has made the activity more accessible, and it's also become more convenient than ever for people to deposit and withdraw funds.

There are various banking methods one can use at online sports betting sites, and nearly all of them are much more convenient than betting in-person at a casino. But one of the best and most reliable ways to fund transactions on these sites is with PayPal, and it's a very popular option among bettors.

What Is PayPal?

PayPal is an eWallet service that acts as an intermediary between your bank account and, in this case, your sportsbook account. The site makes it easier for people to transfer funds online for various activities, including online sports betting.

Having been around since 1998, the site has optimized the eWallet transaction process and makes things much easier than using a traditional credit or debit card for online transactions. When it comes to betting on sports, making both deposits and withdrawals is a very simple process for bettors thanks to PayPal.

Is PayPal Safe For Sports Betting?

Yes, PayPal is one of the safest options for sports betting there is. When using PayPal, your private banking and credit card information remains private and never needs to be shared with the sportsbook and it also uses a two-factor verification system that confirms your data before you complete a transaction.

The additional SSL certification support from PayPal also ensures that your money and login data will stay secure.

How to Use PayPal For Sports Betting

PayPal can easily be used for gambling on sports the same way you'd use an eWallet for anything else. But if you are looking to get started wagering on sporting events, follow these steps to get your PayPal account ready to help you start betting:

  1. If you don't already have one, visit the PayPal website on your computer or mobile device and create a personal account for free within minutes.
  2. Fill out and confirm all the required information. You will need to verify your identity to set up your PayPal account.
  3. Then you will need to share your banking information in order to eventually fund your sports wagers. Attaching a checking account will make all transactions free while usage of a credit or debit card to fund your account comes with a 2.9 percent fee.
  4. You are now ready to head over to the sportsbook app of your choice and get started once you're signed up with sports betting account.

Best PayPal Betting Sites

These days, most betting sites accept PayPal as a method of payment, and below are a few examples of sportsbooks you may want to check if this is the way you plan on funding your account.


Bonus Code

Risk Free + No Deposit

Bet In

Draftkings Sportsbook


$500 Risk Free + $25 No Deposit

NJ - PA - IN - WV - CO

FanDuel Sportsbook


$500 Risk Free

NJ - PA - IN - WV - CO

BetMGM Sportsbook


$500 Risk Free

NJ - IN - WV - CO

Foxbet Sportsbook


$500 Risk Free

NJ - CO - PA

Fendoff Sports


$5 No Deposit


Sportsbook Deposit With PayPal

The process for depositing money into a sportsbook with PayPal is fairly simple and ensures you'll be able to bet on games within minutes. If you don't already have a sportsbook account, you're going to need to create one, which can be easily done here on BonusSeeker.

By clicking the 'Get Bonus' button next to the sportsbook of your choice on one of our state-specific market pages, you'll be able to quickly register an account and claim the welcome bonus offered by that site. Here is some more information on the sportsbook signup process.

Once you have an account with both the sportsbook and PayPal, here are the necessary steps for depositing:

  1. Use your web browser or mobile device to visit the sportsbook website or application.
  2. A 'Deposit' button might appear in one of the upper corners of the page. If it does not, check the 'Account' tab and that could be what leads to payment methods.
  3. Select PayPal as your method of payment, then sign into your PayPal account.
  4. Fill in the amount of money you're going to invest. Barring any banking issues, the transaction should process almost instantly and your balance plus any bonuses you were awarded will appear in your account.
  5. Check your email for confirmation that the transaction was successfully processed. You should now be able to place bets.

Sportsbook Withdrawal With PayPal

Taking out winnings from PayPal betting sites after hitting a few bets is fun because you're about to come into some money, and it's also a very easy process.

Here's how you get winnings sent from your sportsbook account to your PayPal account:

  1. Sign in to your sportsbook account and click the withdrawal button, which you should be led to by visiting the 'Account' tab.
  2. Select PayPal as your choice for a withdrawal. When prompted, enter your PayPal login information.
  3. Enter the total amount you want to withdraw and press enter.
  4. Wait for an email confirmation of your transaction. Payment should appear in your PayPal account within 24 to 48 hours, and can then be transferred to your bank account.

The best idea is to link a bank account to your PayPal account rather than use a credit or debit card since some betting sites may require you to use PayPal to withdraw if you used it to deposit.

PayPal is a secure eWallet and using your bank account will make deposits and especially withdrawals a much more simple process.

PayPal Sports Betting Advantages

There are plenty of pros to using PayPal to fund your online sportsbook account and compared to its counterparts, it stacks up extremely well as a method players can trust. Here are some of the great things about the service:

  • PayPal is convenient and very easy to use.
  • The site is a secure and trustworthy eWallet that keeps your banking information private
  • You don't need to share any banking information with the sportsbook
  • It's free to use if you connect your checking account to your PayPal account.
  • Deposits are instant, and withdrawals are as quick as nearly any other method available.

PayPal Sports Betting Disadvantages

While PayPal is definitely ideal for sports betting purposes, here are some features that can be described as negatives:

  • Although it is widely accepted, some sportsbooks may not have PayPal listed as an option.
  • If using a credit or debit card, there is a 2.9 percent fee.
  • Instant withdrawals to your bank account come with a small fee, otherwise, they take 1 to 3 days.

The prevailing thought for the overwhelming majority is that the pros are well worth any cons that come with doing business on PayPal, and that is definitely a benefit in the long run for sports bettors.

PayPal Sportsbooks USA: Frequently Asked Questions

Is PayPal Accepted At All Sports Betting Sites?

Most sports betting sites accept PayPal these days, although not every single one will. Be sure to check on the specific banking options for that specific site before signing up.

Are there PayPal Deposit Limits?

Once your account is verified, PayPal limits individual transactions at $10,000, which is likely far more than you'd deposit at one time.

Sportsbooks also limit transactions but those amounts vary from brand to brand, so check the terms and conditions of the site you are using. Some sites limit deposits to $1,000 and others may allow up to $10,000.

Are There PayPal Withdrawal Limits?

If using an unverified PayPal account or using the site without connecting your banking account, you will be limited to $500 worth of withdrawals per month. Once you are verified with a checking account attached, PayPal limits individual transactions at $10,000 so unless things go really well, you won't have to worry about it.

Does PayPal Have Fees For Sports Betting?

No, PayPal does not charge fees for sports betting. All that is required is that you use your checking account to fund your sportsbook account. If you choose to deposit via PayPal with the usage of a debit or credit card, however, you will incur a 2.9 percent fee.

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