Free Online Casino Sweeps Cash | Play For Real Money

Free Online Casino Sweeps Cash | Play For Real Money

The US has an exciting set of free casinos in the form of sweeps cash casinos. These casinos enable players to join, completely for free, yet walk away with some real money wins.

Often also called online sweeps casinos or free sweeps cash casinos, these sites allow players to join and use Gold Coins or Sweeps Cash to play various casino games such as slots, keno, sports betting and blackjack.

The way that it works after this is that the prizes that can be won when using the free casino sweeps cash which is something similar to real money slots, can then be redeemed for real money prizes. However, players can also simply engage with these games and casinos completely for free, utilizing the free Gold Coins as originally intended without moving on to using the free online sweeps cash.

Real cash prizes are then wired to the player's bank account, all in a perfectly exciting yet legal way. The US, in particular, has a number of these casinos around across all states, with the exception of Washington State where the practice is not legal. Canada, with the exception of Quebec, also uses these sweeps cash casinos.

Best Online Sweeps Casinos

Are Sweeps Cash Casinos Legal?

Yes, they are. Online sweeps casinos have rules that, in order to operate, must be followed. The main rule to allow a free sweeps cash casino to be legal is that the players must be able to access the casino without the need to deposit any money to play.

Once inside the casino and playing, any additional incentives that can be purchased by the player are fine and do not count under this rule. Because of this, there needs to be a different way of entering the casino site for those players just looking to play for fun. In the United States, online sweeps casinos are legal (except in Washington State) as long as they follow these rules.

What Is Sweeps Cash?

Sweeps Cash is a new form of online currency offered only at Sweeps or social online casinos. The Sweeps Cash is given to players either for free or through additional purchases within the casino.

Often the amount of Sweeps Cash is determined by the amount of Gold Coins purchased or awarded. It is used to make bets on the various games offered by the casino, much in the same way that regular money is used to place bets. The difference is, there is no real money value unless you exchange it through the casino's exchange system.

How Does Free Sweeps Cash Work?

Free Sweeps Cash works in the same way as the Sweeps Cash you have purchased. The free cash is added to your casino account and you can simply use it as you would when placing a real money bet.

The free Sweeps Cash can be used on any game within the specific casino that you have got it from and it is non-transferable. The difference between using the Gold Coins and the Sweeps Cash at the casino is that if the player wins with Sweeps Cash then those winnings can be redeemed for real money.

This model is a great way to win real money at an online casino for free.

How To Get Free Sweeps Cash?

When it comes to getting Free Sweeps Cash there are a number of different ways to do this. No matter which of the following methods you choose to use, all of these methods do require you to sign up to the casino first. The different options will be outlined below:

  • No Deposit Sweeps Bonus: Many Sweeps Cash options are usually given as a welcome bonus. As a no deposit bonus, the cash will simply be awarded to you as soon as you sign up and the account is verified. The Sweeps Cash can then be used on the games found at the casino.
  • Purchasing Gold Coin Packages: Sometimes you may find that the initial Sweeps Cash you've been awarded is not enough. If this is the case then it's possible to buy Gold Coin packages at the casino. These packages will come with a set amount of Sweeps Cash as part of the package. The amount of Sweeps Cash you get is dependent on the amount of Gold Coins you have purchased in the package.
  • Request by Mail: Some casinos such as Chumba will even give you Sweeps Cash for free if you request it via mail. You'll need to send a stamped addressed letter to Chumba Casino and by doing so, you can earn yourself an additional 600 in Sweeps Cash.
  • Special Promotions: In some cases, you will be able to get additional Sweeps Cash through various on-going promotions. Funzpoints Casino, for instance, offers a Funzwheel that can be spun every day and will reward lucky players with additional Sweeps Cash. Players can also get extra Sweeps Cash by linking their Facebook account to the casino or through a range of other daily contests.

Free Sweeps Cash Casinos

In recent years there has been a surge in popularity for free sweeps cash casinos in the US. These casinos are legal in the US and Canada with the exception of Washington State and Quebec.

There are a number of popular online sweeps casinos already in operation including Chumba Casino, Global Poker, FendOff Sports and LuckyLand Slots, all of which are operated by VGW Casinos.

In order to give you the perfect understanding of what sites you can use and what they offer, we're going to give you a brief description of the main sweeps casinos, how you can play, how they work and what real money prizes you can win. You can find sweeps cash casino bonus codes for each operator.

Sweeps Cash Casino Bonus Codes

Chumba Casino

Chumba Casino offers a wide range of exciting gaming options that's available to US players either via a desktop or mobile device. While you can access the site from a mobile device, this is a browser-based site with no mobile app available.

In order to get playing some of the many exciting Chumba games (their library includes slots, table games and more), you need to sign up for an account. At this juncture, Chumba offers $2 in Sweeps Cash plus two million in Gold Coins when you sign up. You can also get a $20 Gold Coins Package for $10 on your first purchase! Read about the Chumba Casino bonus code to learn more.

When playing the games, you simply use the toggle button to choose whether to play with your Sweeps Cash or Gold Coins. If you're looking to win real money, all you have to do is after a win, is get that Sweeps Cash converted to real money. What's really great at Chumba is that they offer a 1 to 1 exchange, so for every dollar in Sweeps Cash, you get a real US dollar.

Click here to earn $2 in Free Sweeps Cash!

LuckyLand Slots

LuckyLand Slots is an online sweeps casino that offers a large variety of slot games. The site is available on Android and Desktop only, so if you're an iPhone user, we recommend you head to Chumba Casino instead.

When it comes to signing up and getting to play, the casino works much in the same way as others do in that you will have to make an account before beginning.

LuckyLand has two different welcome offers for newbies. The first is a no deposit bonus which sees you get $10 in Sweeps Cash, and then you can add another $10 in Sweeps on your first purchase with the social casino. This Sweeps Cash can be used to play any of the games at the casino and if you win, then you can convert the Sweeps Cash into real money. Read more to learn about LuckyLand Slots bonus codes

If you just want to play for fun, use the Gold Coins you're given for free (there's 6000 awarded to you just for linking a Facebook account), and have fun!

Click here to earn up to $20 in Free Sweeps Cash!

Global Poker

As you might guess, Global Poker focuses solely on the game of poker. For players looking to play, all devices can access the site whether it be via mobile or desktop. However, there's no dedicated mobile app so smartphone, iPad and tablet users will need to get online via their browser.

Once at the casino you just need to sign up and get your hands on some of the bonuses that are available to you. Global Poker has upped the ante when it comes to their welcome bonus, which comes in a no deposit bonus format.

All you need to do is signup and get verified, and you're given $20 in Sweeps Cash with which you can then start playing. If needed, you can make Gold Coin purchases later on and these will come with free Sweeps Cash attached. You can continue playing all their poker games for free or, if you're lucky when playing with Sweeps Cash, you can convert the free sweeps into real money. Read more to learn about the Global Poker bonus code.

Click here to get $20 in Free Sweeps Cash!

FendOff Sports

FendOff Sports focuses exclusively on sports betting. The site offers a wide range of different sporting options such as basketball, hockey, UFC, and the NFL. Similar to other sites of the same type, FendOff Sports is only available as a browser version though it is optimized for mobile devices. FendOff is fully legal in the United States and enables players to access a range of sports, get their hands on cash prizes and even pit themselves against other players.

While you initially get $500 Sweeps Cash and 15,000 Gold Coins upon signing up, there are options for additional purchases. Sports bets can be made in either Gold Coins for those who wish to play just for fun or in Sweeps Cash if you're looking to make a real money withdrawal. Currently, FendOff Sports offers a cash-out minimum of $5000 Sweeps Cash, which can be redeemed for various gift cards. Read more to learn about the FendOff Sports bonus code.

Click here to get $500 in Free Sweeps Cash!


Funzpoints Casino is one of the newer social casinos to the US sweeps cash casino scene. What really makes this casino stand out is the fact that it has some of the highest return-to-player rates out of any online sweeps casinos with slots sitting at a massive 97%. To put this in perspective, real money games of the same type often have an RTP rate of 92-95%.

Once you are ready to play at Funzpoints, it's a simple process to sign up and grab your welcome no deposit bonus. This is set to $2.50 in site credit as well as you getting awarded 1000 Funzpoints into your account for immediate play. Plus you can get a $20 match on your first purchase. Read more to learn about the Funzpoints bonus.

Even better, every three hours you can spin the Funzwheel to get extra Funzpoints to use on the casino. This wheel also gives you the chance to win sweepstake tickets that you can use to enter the daily jackpot. If you are looking to withdraw any Sweeps winnings, the exchange is $100 Funzpoints to $1.

Click here to get a no deposit bonus of $2.50 and up to a $20 match on your first purchase!

Sweeps Cash Casino Games

Sweeps cash casinos have many different types of real casino games on offer including slots, video poker, blackjack, and keno:

Free Sweeps Cash Slots

There are three casinos, Chumba, LuckyLand and Funzpoints that offer a range of different slots. Free Sweeps Cash slots come in many different forms ranging from 3-reel through to 5-reel games. Some casinos even offer impressive progressive jackpot games where the jackpot grows as more players place bets on the game.

All of these slots run in a similar fashion in that you place a bet, spin the reels and hope that matching symbols align on the given paylines. For these games, you can opt to use your Free Sweeps Cash when placing your bets. If you do this and you win, then you can exchange your winnings for real cash which can then be wired to your bank account.

Sports Betting

FendOff Sports offers a wide range of different sports that you can bet on. These sports include basketball, the NFL, UFC, soccer, the NHL, and more. For those planning on playing, FendOff is a unique take on a normal sportsbook due to added bonus of extra features.

When placing a bet, all you have to do is choose whether you want to play for fun (use your Gold Cash), or play with the chance of getting real money wins (Sweeps Cash). Like any other sports site, there are different bets available, which vary for each sport. In general, you can bet on the winner, spread bet, or total points. There are also fantasy sports-style contests where coming at the top of the leaderboard will see you win Sweeps Cash as well!


Blackjack is only offered by Chumba Casino at this time. Similar to the other games, players can choose to play with either Gold Coins or Sweeps Cash. If you want to get in with a chance to get your hands on real money, then you need to play with your Sweeps Cash. If you do this, and then win in a round of blackjack, you can then convert the Sweeps Cash into real money.

Play For Sweeps Cash Poker

For poker players, the place to be is Global Poker. Here you can get your hands on a number of different poker games and types, cash games and tournaments. When it comes to playing, players can simply buy-in with Gold Coins, earning additional Gold Coins if they win.

However, if you want to make money or to enter one of the sit-n-go tournaments or cash games then you will need to use Sweeps Cash where the lowest buy-in is 0.11. If you are wanting to then redeem the Sweeps Cash for real money, you have to have played it at least once, though depending on the promotion, this can be as much as 20x.

Banking Methods At Sweeps Cash Casinos

With modern technology readily available, purchasing at a free sweeps cash casino couldn't be easier, even if things do differ slightly when compared to real money casinos. This is because at a social casino, technically you are not depositing money, but rather you are making a cash purchase.

However, when it comes to paying money into your sweeps cash online casino account, it usually only requires a payment verification, which is a little different from the withdrawal options, more on that in a bit!

It's also important to note that most online casinos will also require a minimum purchase amount. Depending on the casino, there will also be a variety of different payment providers available. Some use WorldPay, others offer debit and credit card options from Visa and MasterCard, though all offer highly secure options.

How To Purchase Free Sweeps Cash

Currently, there are really several ways to purchase free Sweeps Cash. The purchase happens instantly with Gold Coins and the subsequent free Sweeps Cash, added directly to your online casino account. It's then readily available for you to get playing with. Below we have listed the purchase payment options available at each free sweeps online casino:

  • Visa: available at Chumba Casino, LuckyLand Slots, Global Poker, FendOff Sports, Funzpoints (through PaySafe)
  • MasterCard: available at Chumba Casino, LuckyLand Slots, Global Poker, FendOff Sports, Funzpoints (through PaySafe)
  • American Express: available at Chumba, LuckyLand Slots, Global Poker, Funzpoints (through PaySafe)
  • Discover: available at Chumba, LuckyLand Slots, Global Poker
  • Skrill: Global Poker, LuckyLand Slots, Chumba Casino

How To Withdrawal Sweeps Cash For Real Money

When it comes to making a withdrawal, you will have to redeem your sweeps cash for real money or prizes. Each casino will have its own exchange rate for the amount of sweeps cash needed per dollar, for instance, 100 Funzpoints is 1 USD.

It's also important to note that casinos have minimum and maximum withdrawals in place. As examples, Funzpoints has a maximum withdrawal of $600 at any one time and Chumba Casino's withdrawal minimum is set at $100.

Generally, withdrawals are processed instantly, but depending on the method used, the real cash can take anywhere from 6 to 24 working hours to pop up in your bank account.

  • Visa: Available at Chumba Casino
  • MasterCard: Available at Chumba Casino
  • American Express: Available at Chumba Casino
  • Discover Card: Available at Chumba Casino
  • Skrill: Available at Global Poker, LuckyLand Slots, Chumba Casino
  • Bank Transfer/ACH: Available at Global Poker, Funzpoints, LuckyLand Slots, Chumba Casino
  • Gift Cards: Available at FendOff Sports

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you turn Gold Coins to Sweeps Cash?

No, you cannot turn Gold Coins into Sweeps Cash. Gold Coins are for recreational use only but when buying a package, they will come accompanied by Sweeps Cash. If you want to use Sweeps Cash, you need to ensure that you have some in your balance, or you will need to purchase a Gold Coins package to get additional Sweeps Cash.

Why should I play at a sweeps cash casino?

Free sweeps cash casino are great because they offer you the chance to play casino games entirely for free. If you use the Gold Coins to place bets, you will not have to spend any money and can simply enjoy playing the games entirely for free. However, the great thing is that if you want to play for real money, you can simply use the Sweeps Cash and, if you win, exchange it for real cash.

Can I play at sweeps cash casinos on my smartphone?

Yes, most of the online sweeps casinos are mobile compatible. At this time, many of them do not have a dedicated mobile app in play, but they do have mobile compatibility. This simply means that you will have to open the casino site in your mobile browser.

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