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Sweepstakes poker gives those in the US and Canada the ability to play online poker for actual money. The US currently has legal online poker in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Nevada, but with the poker site Global Poker, you can play real poker against real people!

What Is Sweepstakes Poker?

Sweepstakes poker is a system that allows you to legally play various poker games for cash prizes. This means you get to play real poker against real players! We will explain more about how this works below.

Is Sweepstakes Poker Legit?

Yes, Sweepstakes poker in the US and Canada is completely safe and legit. These poker sites must operate within the rules and regulations of the country and a site like Global Poker is part of the trusted brand VGW, which also owns sites like Chumba Casino.

Sweepstakes Poker Sites

Currently, the only sweepstakes poker site where you can play for cash prizes is Global Poker.

Every new Global Poker player gets a $40 Gold Coin Package, including Gold Coins for just $20, plus Bonus Free Sweeps Coins! Plus get a $20 Gold Coin Package absolutely FREE once you verify your account!

Sweepstakes Poker Games

The games available at a sweepstakes poker site, such as Global Poker includes:

  • Cash Games (Ring Games)
  • Tournaments


The most popular game type in poker, Texas Hold’em increased in popularity through the 1990s and peaked in the early 2000s with Robert Varkonyi’s World Series of Poker run in 2002 and hitting another level due to Chris Moneymaker’s special run at the 2003 WSOP.

The game is simple to learn and difficult to master, but each player receives two hole cards and must make the best five-card hand using the community board.

Global Poker offers Hold’em in both the cash game and tournament variety, as well as in the variation of no limit, pot limit, and limit Hold’em.


The great game of Omaha isn’t quite as popular as Hold’em, but it has really picked up steam over the last several years.

Much like with Hold’em, the sweepstakes poker site, Global Poker, offers Omaha in no limit, pot limit, and limit. But unlike Hold’em, Omaha is most popular in its pot-limit form.

In Omaha, you receive four hole cards and there is a community board. You must make the best five-card hand by using two of your hole cards and three from the community board.

Poker Tournaments

Sweepstakes poker tournaments operate the same way as an online poker site. You enter the tournament using your Gold Coins or Sweeps Coins and look to outlast your opponents.

Global Poker has several tournaments available where you can win cash prizes:

  • Bounty Tournaments
  • Turbo Tournaments
  • Sit-n-go Tournaments
  • Scheduled Multi-Table Tournaments
  • Satellite Tournaments

How Does Sweepstakes Poker Work?

Sweepstakes poker works by giving players virtual currency called Gold Coins. These Gold Coins are used to play for free, but you cannot redeem your winnings for cash prizes.

If you would like to play for the chance at cash prizes, you must use Sweeps Coins (SC). We will explain more in-depth about how to earn these Sweeps Coins below, but first, let us explain how they work.

When you sign up for Global Poker, you will be given Sweeps Coins as a poker bonus. This currency is then used to play in Sweeps Coins poker games, as opposed to the Gold Coins version. All this means is that you will be using the SC currency, which is redeemable for cash prizes.

The poker games are the same, as you can play in both ring games and tournaments. A poker site such as Global Poker, as an option to play for Sweeps Coins or Gold Coins, so you simply need to choose which you would like to play for and get started!

Once you win enough Sweeps Coins, you can redeem them for actual cash prizes!

How To Sign Up To A Sweepstakes Poker Site

When signing up to a sweepstakes poker site, you must ensure you are in a legal state or country to do so. In the case of Global Poker, you must be in the US (except for Washington state) and Canada (except Quebec).

You must be 21 and over and have valid identification. After clicking the “Get Bonus” link to lock in the welcome bonus, you must verify your account.

Two of the following documents must be sent to [email protected]:

  1. A valid primary photo ID:
    • Passport
    • Driver’s license
    • National/State ID
    • Other government-issued IDs (i.e. Veteran’s ID)
  1. A supporting document under your name as proof of address:
    • Utility Bill (i.e. electricity, water – not older than 3 months)
    • Notarized agreement form for lease (nothing hand-written)
    • Bank statements
    • Medical insurance

Once this is complete, you get Global Poker’s welcome bonus which offers a $40 Gold Coin Package, including Gold Coins and Bonus Sweeps Coins for just $20 on your First Purchase! Plus get a $20 Gold Coin Package absolutely FREE once you verify your account.

Now you can start playing!

How To Earn Sweeps Coins For Sweepstakes Poker

Earning Sweeps Coins for sweepstakes poker sites like Global Poker is easy. For Global Poker, all you have to do is click this link to get an exclusive offer that gives you a $40 Gold Coin Package, including Gold Coins and Bonus Sweeps Coins for just $20 on your First Purchase! Plus get a $20 Gold Coin Package absolutely FREE once you verify your account!

But don’t worry, once you earn your welcome bonuses, you can continue to get Sweeps Coins through the following methods:

  • Purchase Gold Coin packages using a credit card or Skrill. These Gold Coin packages come with free Sweeps Coins that can be used to play for money prizes.
  • No-Cost Giveaway Contests on the Global Poker Facebook page.
  • Request by Mail: Those in the US and Canada (excluding Quebec) can receive Sweeps Coins. If you would like to learn more about how this works, check out our Global Poker review.

How To Purchase Free Sweepstakes Poker Sweeps Coins

You can purchase Gold Coin packages that come with Sweeps Coins from sweepstakes poker sites, like Global Poker, using the following methods:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Discover
  • Skrill

Once you purchase these Gold Coin packages, you will get access to bonus Sweeps Coins. You can use SC to play for cash prizes.

How To Redeem Sweepstakes Poker Sweeps Coins

In order to receive cash prizes, you will have to redeem your Sweeps Coins.

At Global Poker, for instance, you must play your Sweeps Coins at least once before redeeming for money prizes and have at least 50 Sweeps Coins in order to redeem.

If you obtained your Sweeps Coins through a special promotion, you may be required to play the SC up to 20 times before redeeming.

The two redemption methods at Global Poker are Skrill and ACH.

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