Texas Lottery

Taking part in the Texas Lottery has never been so simple! Those in the Lone Star State looking to participate in the online lottery are now able to do so from the convenience of their mobile device, thanks to the Jackpocket mobile lottery app! If you are interested in Texas online gambling, this is a great place to start.

Texas Online Lottery Is Here

After a soft launch in January, the Texas Online Lottery officially launched on June 3, 2019 and is operated by the Jackpocket app, which is quickly becoming one of the leaders in online lottery mobile gaming plus it offers excellent Texas lottery bonus signups worth taking advantage of before playing. 

Online Lottery Reaches Texas With Jackpocket Launch!

In early June 2019, Jackpocket extended its reach to the Lone Star State, where all residents now have the chance to win big at their fingertips as the Texas Lottery goes mobile. With the launch of the Jackpocket mobile lottery app, lottery games suddenly become more accessible for multiple demographics, including a mobile-first generation of Texans that wasn’t involved as much before.

There are two main goals of the partnership between the Texas Online Lottery and the Jackpocket app: increase engagement and participation in the lottery by reaching new players, and generate revenue for the Lone Star State. Revenue created by the Texas Lottery on the Jackpocket app will continue to be used for philanthropic purposes, making contributions in the educational sector via the Foundation School Fund and donating to the Texas Veteran Commission Fund for Veterans’ Assistance (FVA) along with providing aid for other state-sponsored programs.

What Is Jackpocket?

Jackpocket is a third-party mobile app that allows players to securely purchase tickets and take part in online lottery games. The Jackpocket app operates with the purpose of making the Texas Lottery more accessible by offering interested players an opportunity to play at their convenience for the first time.

As it has done in other states, Jackpocket is adding a new dynamic to the Texas Lottery that should help increase participation among a younger, newer demographic and create revenue for the Lone Star State. Below are a list of states currently taking part in some kind of online lottery operation:

Games Offered By Texas Lottery Online

Whether playing at an online casino. making sports betting picks or getting in on the action at the online lottery, participants love variety. Luckily for those in Texas, Jackpocket offers a variety of options on the TX Lottery App, including:

  • Texas Two Step
  • Lotto Texas
  • All Or Nothing
  • Pick 3
  • Daily 4
  • Cash Five
  • Scan Scratch Tickets

When it comes to residents playing all TX Online Lottery games, especially Powerball and Mega Millions, the Jackpocket mobile lottery app makes things as simple and easy as can be. Here are a few bits of vital information players will learn upon entering Texas Online Lottery pools on the app:

  • One ticket is the minimum for entry into a Mega Millions or Powerball pool.
  • Entries are anonymous, but the amount of players in a given pool can be viewed at any time
  • Following the drawing, players can find out the results quickly and with ease. Pool members split winnings based on the prize-sharing agreement.

How Does Playing The Texas Lottery On The Jackpocket Mobile Lottery App Work?

The Jackpocket mobile lottery app allows players in Texas the convenience of not only buying tickets and playing the games, but also provides several lottery-based services that can help make sure a lottery player in the Lone Star State never misses a drawing again! Included in the functions of the Jackpocket app for the TX Online Lottery are:

  • Locate scratch tickets and licensed Texas Lottery retailers
  • Players can scan barcode on the front of their draw games and scratch-off tickets to reveal whether they won
  • Pick and save numbers for future Texas Lottery plays
  • View winning numbers for all draw games pertaining to TX Online Lottery
  • Receive updates on jackpot totals
  • Gain entry to promotional second-chance drawings