New Jersey Online Poker

It all started back in December 2012, when New Jersey online poker became legal, along with NJ online casino games. Since then, online poker games in New Jersey have experienced slow growth, never truly materializing into a dominate poker market full of exciting tournaments and a plethora of player liquidity. Though not as large as some hoped, Borgata and PokerStars have both found success with an increasing player pool due to their poker sign up bonuses

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Legal History of Online Poker In New Jersey

New Jersey legalized online poker and casino games when a bill was passed by New Jersey Legislature in February 2013. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie had conditionally vetoed the first version of the bill with some demands. He demanded the tax be raised from 10% to 15% and more capital to be allocated for gambling problem programs. Once the demands were agreed to, New Jersey Legislature signed and passed the bill within a couple of weeks.

This wasn't the first attempt to legalize Online Poker and Casino in New Jersey, A similar bill was proposed in January 2011 which was vetoed by Governor Christie who at that point had concerns with the constitutional authority of the bill. Governor Christie thought that offering online gambling outside the jurisdiction of Atlantic City even when the servers are based in Atlantic City was, in fact, a breach of the Constitution, but that opinion was changed by the time he allowed the bill to be passed.

After the bill was passed by the Legislature of New Jersey, it took only 9 months to lay the foundations for the regulations and licensing for New Jersey Online Poker. A soft-launch of online Poker was conducted in Nov-2013 which was a five-day beta testing period. Fully Regulated online gambling casino Golden Nugget was launched in December 2013.

Types of Legal Poker Sites in New Jersey

With A2578 on the books, it opened the gates for completely legal and regulated online poker sites. The first website for online poker in New Jersey came into existence only in November 2013 and in their first month of operations, they were able to gather 100,000 player account. This came as a positive news for those who crave playing poker at all hours of the day.

However, there was one Law surrounding Legal online poker which limited the growth limits of the online poker industry in New Jersey. The Law that created a restriction on market expansion was that to get a License for Online Poker in New Jersey one must be aligned with a land based casino partners in the Atlantic City. After Governor Christie signing A2578, many of the world's online poker giants, especially those who withdrew from US market after UIGEA was forced into action started to come back into the US market. They started creating alliances with Land-Based casinos in the Atlantic City and paved their way into the online poker industry on New Jersey.

NJ Online Poker Sites/Network

There are currently four poker networks which are highly active in New Jersey Online Poker Industry. Borgata,, PokerStars and 888 are the licensed online poker networks which have the rights to host online poker rooms in new jersey.

Online Poker sites in New Jersey are licensed through Atlantics City casinos which makes it as safe as playing poker at a land based casino in Atlantic City.

New Jersey online Poker sites are continuously working to create an innovative and safe platform for the players who play on their platform. In one such initiative, a new trend was observed in recent years which saw online websites started Live Dealer games on their platform. The poker sites in New Jersey have one of the safest frameworks which are designed specifically to avoid any kind of internet threat.

Here are the most famous Online Poker Sites in New Jersey

PokerStars Online Poker

PokerStars is the largest online poker worldwide, it is operated by Amaya Inc. PokerStars is the industry head for online poker. They make available most of the games, largest limits in online cash games as well as the most profitable online poker tourneys globally.

For over a decade, most of the main developments in the online poker world have either been commenced or perfected by PokerStars. They’ve controlled the live tournament circuit through their joint venture with the European Poker Tour and the now-defunct North American Poker Tour.

Borgata Online Poker

Just as the online poker became lawful in New Jersey, the Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa was one of the first brick and mortar casino to apply for an online operator’s license. The Borgata officials have admitted that they were skeptical about online poker initially, but iPoker has been much more profitable than they expected, in fact, they have made positive revenues in each of the financial quarter they have operated in.

Borgata Online Poker partnered with Bwin.Party to provide online poker in New Jersey. Additionally, they chose to unite player pools with PartyPoker NJ. This move at first placed them as the leading online poker operator when online casinos made their way in NJ.

WSOP NJ Online Poker is the #1 regulated online poker site in the U.S. Currently, it is operated in New Jersey and Nevada. Here players gain from competing for assimilation with the World Series of Poker brand. Caesars Entertainment is the owner of WSOP Poker. It will go on getting bigger since the company has a footprint in most of the states where casino gambling is officially permitted.

On February 23, 2013, New Jersey made online gambling lawful at the time when SB 1565 was signed into law. The official launch of WSOP NJ took place on November 26, 2013. WSOP NJ operates on software provided by 888 Holdings, the same provider for 888 Poker NJ. In the early hours, the site ran on a separate website but in the month of May 2015, the site shared player pools with 888 Poker NJ and at once became the leading regulated online poker site in the city of New Jersey.

888 Poker

The parent company for 888 Poker, 888 Holdings offers the back-end software for Don’t forget to check out our detailed review of 888 Poker, their software and what they have to provide online poker players.

The Future of Legal Poker in New Jersey

The state population of New-Jersey is substantially low to support intrastate online poker giants and that is why we can witness interstate deals with other states online poker websites like Nevada and Delaware.

According to the New-jersey Legislature, you need to be a presence in New Jersey to play Online Poker regulated by NJ. To prove this the players have to provide their Geolocation to the server which is accurate up to a mile. This low accuracy rate sometimes creates problem for those who are present in New Jersey but the verification of the server is unable to detect their location accurately. We could witness some alteration or modification in this area in near future.

NJ Online Poker Game Types

There are a number game types NJ online poker players can partake in on most poker apps. Here is a list of potential poker games available at an NJ online poker site:

NJ Online Poker Games

NJ Online Poker Cash Games

NJ online poker cash games come in many variations.

NJ Online Poker Tournaments

NJ online poker tournaments also come in many variations and can give players big value in comparison to the money the invest. Here are some tournaments that may be available on an NJ online poker app:

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